Fastest Bolt

Lightning is still the fastest bolt. LOL.

Kidding aside, there’s no one else around now in this lifetime who could ever beat Usain at his game. Which makes me wonder. If he’d run a marathon, would he win all of it?

Check Out the Form

He knew he won. And he’s jumping for joy.

See the Difference

That’s exactly how fast he is. Being chased. Yet ahead by so not so much, only enough to win.

A happy Man

His Personal bests are all amazing. But seriously, is he not allowed to join any distance he wants? How about the 5,000 m? 10,000 m? 30,000 m? the Half-Marathon? The Marathon?

Can he beat Anton Krupicka? Can he match with Haile Gebrselassie?

Usain Bolt is coined as the fastest man alive. But he runs what? Haile is just fast? Anton too?

If Haile would run a 100m or 200m event, would he be able to match with Usain?


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One response

  1. nice match up coach!
    sana merong game na pwede mo ipag race ang runners in real life vs mga hall of famers, tas iba’t ibang distances din.

    parang ung boxing game sa gaming consoles, pero running! hahaha

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