On Lacking Nothing.

Oh yes! I am a Christian!

Ordinary Ways

Nobody, I’m sure, would want to be lacking anything. Nobody would want to be needing something and have such need remain unmet. Paraphrasing further, I’m sure without a tinge of doubt, that nobody would want to be constantly begging for something.

Simply put, to not lack something, one needs to be in abundance.:) Sounds funny but true. To be in abundance, one must be prosperous, or is it vice versa?

Our God is a generous God. He gives, not just forgive. He prospers us. He make us abundant and He alone can put us in that state of ‘LACKING NOTHING.’

See the following scriptures:

James 1:5
New International Version
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

New Living Translation
If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it…

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8th BDM 102 candid shots

Ordinary Ways

Credits to the Owners of the Photos (in watermarks)

  • Sandy Catambay
  • Team GTR

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Ordinary Ways

It’s a clear picture in my mind. If God is willing:

  • In 12 MONTHS:
  2. 12 BUFFETS
    • 1/6 = Mt. Makiling Rainforest Park, Peak 2

Will update this post once in a while when ideas pop-out.

…and here’s an update!

17-January-2016. A Hike with Cj and Bong @ Mt. Makiling Rainforest Park. Peak 2.


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Ordinary Ways


I have read the article and I have shared the link. Just click and read and learn for yourself what Stevia is and is not.


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Monster Take Over

Ordinary Ways

I have 2 days of 0 mileage. See what happened to the stats!:)


The monsters have taken over!:)

I should be at 150K now since my streak is a 10K daily…and look at the numbers! wow! Be inspired by this passionate runners!


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Time Stood Still

Ordinary Ways

I thought so.:)

I was not able to jog or run on the 10th of December but I stayed in 2nd?


See this:

I should be able to add some to these later.

Thanks be to God!


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Minute Accomplishments #4

Ordinary Ways

Still, as of the night of the 9th of December, 2015, I am at 2nd place.


That’s a good 95 kms to date in 9 days of running/jogging.


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Minute Accomplishments #3

Ordinary Ways

Today, morning of the 8th of December, I was able to run at my fastest for this month in a 5K distance.

Splits as follows:

  1. 5:24
  2. 6:07
  3. 5:55
  4. 6:01
  5. 5:40

Also, Strava stats puts me at 2nd place.:) With a total of 81 kms and about 2 kms behind the 1st.

All thanks and praise be to God!


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Simple Plans

Ordinary Ways

God willing!

  • Angono Petroglyphs Museum from Antipolo Cathedral…:)
  • Balaw-Balaw Restaurant
  • Thunder /Acacia / Mahogany / Pumarada Trails
  • Shotgun Trail:)
  • Balagbag Helipad
  • La Mesa Ecopark (Fitness Trail!)

la mesa ecopark attractionsRibbetdsc036411

10004025_555676277881962_981761562_n Up in Balagbag’s Trail

Looking forward with great excitement!


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Minute Accomplisments

Ordinary Ways

It’s only the 3rd Day of December and I am seeing great things!

I used to be in the top 3 before!


Anyways, well see the end result when December ends.:)


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