Seek the Lord

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Today is the first day of the Ten (10) Days of Awe before the Day of Atonement. It is also the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

To the believers, messianic believers, this is a day of great importance. Even to the Prophetic Church here in the Philippines.

Why seek the Lord?

For the benefit of my friends, family and the general public whom the Lord touches, allow me to relate to you at least one (1) reason why.



As written in the prophetic book of Zephaniah:

Zephaniah 2:3

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Seek the LORD, all you humble of the earth, who carry out what He commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be concealed on the day of the LORD’s anger

It is a prophecy of what is to come. No one knows when, but there will be…

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Psalm 103:12

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. (HCSB)

Reading the whole of Psalm 103 brings us to a whole lot of great things about our God. The above quoted verse is just but one of the many things He has done for us – and is continually doing. We all have sinned…not one is righteous in the eyes of God – but the Son redeemed us. Hence, King David starts the Psalm with so much call for praise!

Allow me to highlight the good things God does, and what He is:

  • He forgives sins – no matter how grave!
  • He heals diseases – and any disease at that!
  • He redeems us from death
  • He crowns us with love and tender mercies
  • He fills our life with good things
  • He gives righteousness and justice to those who are…

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Great Improvement

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Last year, I made a plan to make this year a year of breaking records and PRs. So far, I have beaten myself in a couple of races now.

Last April 26, 2015, my first race for this year, I was able to run a new personal best on a 42K. Of course, almost all distances below except 10K was a PR.

The following month, May, I joined a 10K fun run in Pasig. Again, I was able to beat my own PR. I was so happy with the result of my erratic training. Low mileage yet effective workouts. With or without sleep doesn’t matter.

Again, last June 14, 2015, I joined PAL’s Manila Marathon. Such prestige in the name but was a poorly managed race. We started by a countdown. Not a single tarp to say we are in what event and where exactly is the start. First water…

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2nd for this Year

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Just yesterday, it dawned on me.

I was busy at work and not able to run as often as I should.

..I have a marathon on Sunday!

Yes, it’ll just be my 2nd for this year. The first being a good PB and PR at the National Geographic Channel Race last April 24, 2015. I was sleepless the day before it. Hopefully, I could finished well and good this time. Manila International Marathon is a great race even before. Then, the cut-off is 5-hours. Whoever changed the cut-off to 6, I don’t know. I won’t point a finger here. I’d just run the way I always do. Easy pace…running along with how I feel and listening well to my body. A new PR or PB wouldn’t hurt but I will not focus on that. I’d enjoy running as it comes to me. That’s how it should be.

We’ll see by…

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First Race of the Year 2015

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April 24, 2015
I was looking for a 21K race bib at least for the past few days. I was already ready to settle for a 10K when I saw a post of a runner who can’t make it on the run. No hesitation. No doubt. I messaged the owner of a 42K bib for the National Geographic Channel Race.

It was already late in the evening. I was watching full game NBA highlights of the playoffs until past midnight.

I just can’t sleep. This has been going on for weeks now. Even a 2K jog will keep me awake till morning.

I tried to just relax in bed. Watching my wife and kids sleep.

Near 5am, April 25, 2015, I received a reply from the owner of the 42K bib. I’m just glad. I agreed to meet her at U.P.

I took a jeep to Taft, and another jeep…

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I will definitely give this PAL marathon a go. Route and proximity is my training ground. :)PAL-Manila-Marathon-2015-Li-Ning-Manila-Run-2015Due to the proximity of the Laguna Marathon, I am considering a replacement one – YAKULT! 10-miler. :)


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The Month of March

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Aside from this month being the birthdate of my parents, it’s also the month I made a good and big progress in my training. :)

I postponed the hardcore CORE training up until some other months because I work at night for this month. Energy is already up and at a good level, but I have to balance my time…family, work, running. I did not even accept coaching for this month.

Here’s my progressive mileage so far, for this month. Note that I have not been joining any race.

As of the night of March 25, 2015 As of the night of March 25, 2015

With this much, I have been ranking at 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th, as of this writing. Only in the Philippines, among those who are up to the challenge.

4th, this day 4th, this day

I am already at my racing weight. I already have maintained it for this month. I am still not racing though…

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Eyes Fixed


WANTED: Sponsors! hehehe

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Yes, my eyes are greatly fixed on the following events. However, since not just my hands but also my wallet is tied, I could only hope to do at least 1 or 2 in this line-up. Also, I have a shifting schedule that included weekends…taking a leave is not that easy too. (my best excuse so far! lol)

March 7-8, 2015—–7th Bataan Death March 102K (BDM 102) Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 21-22, 2015—–1st The Great Metro Manila 100-Mile Endurance Race (Road/BR’s Events)

March 28-29, 2015—-2nd Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

April 11-12, 2015—–1st MAYON 160K/80K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

May 2, 2015—–1st Mt Tapulao Trail (42K) Marathon (Trail/BR’s Events)

May 9, 2015—–9th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

June 14, 2015—– 4th Tanay 50K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/BR’s Events)

Anyway, if the Lord is willing.

Sponsors, where art thou?

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The End

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December 2014 was my last official race. A 50-kilometer Ultramarathon, the Tagaytay to Nasugbu, and a 10-mile Trail, the Mt. Talamitam Challenge. I finished both with a respectably good time, but I didn’t pay for the registrations required. :) Somebody does.

That’s how it’s been for the longest time now. I honestly cannot afford the registration fees.

So, I run on my own. ;) Who says you have to spend so much to run? I can race on my own too. Well, technically, that wouldn’t count. What I mean to point out is that I can run at the same speed as I would on a race – on my own.

I could only reminisce when years ago, a registration fee for a race is no more than P 200.00.

I could still use P 200.00 now…for my meals, drinks and fare to run someplace. Say, fare to Imus, run…

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Somethings Possible Again



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Hike at Mount Batulao Hike at Mount Batulao

Hike at Mount Pico de Loro. (very possible soon) Hike at Mount Pico de Loro. (very possible soon)


The most recent, with Epoy Poblete at the Summit.1229880_788942974452850_406972568_nAt the Monolith (arms spread)

Visit to Maragondon's Rolling Hills Visit to Maragondon’s Rolling Hills

Visit again to the KM 56 Marker of Tagaytay Visit again to the KM 56 Marker of Tagaytay

Visit to Tanay Sierra Madre Ranges. Visit to Tanay Sierra Madre Ranges.

I am a frequent visitor indeed! I am a frequent visitor indeed!

"breather" shot by Daphne At Ligaya Drive, Tagaytay “breather” shot by Daphne
At Ligaya Drive, Tagaytay

Roosevelt National Park, Bataan Roosevelt National Park, Bataan

If God is willing, plans will push thru.


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