Did the workout yesterday, the 26th of November.

I started walking down the building from 32nd Floor and to Baywalk.

Did 100 ups, then started to run, and complete the workout as listed.

Finished with a moving 100 ups and 20 squats.

All done in 42 minutes.

Today, the 27th of November, I’m sore. Hahaha


Kick Kiss Kick

It’s a known pattern or technique for communicating something to someone without being too aggressive or harsh. šŸ™‚

But the true form is Kiss or commend, them Kick, to recommend. Pointing out the finer observations to commend, and improve.

My 3 memorable day in Baguio is like this.

  • Kick on Day 1: This is a bit literal. I had to leave home with a heavy heart. The night though changed a bit. Since the Team Building activity is the best distraction. We were able to insert a 7-km 2:1 Run:Walk with the last 5-Km entering La Trinidad.
  • Kiss on Day 2: I ran again first thing in the morning. Ripped and Tear my sleeping calf-muscle and quads over the rolling hills of Baguio. Went back to our place for breakfast and the activities of the day. It as fun and somehow amazing. At night, before the sumptuous and huge dinner, we walked in the rain. The cold wasn’t enough though to make us stop.
  • Kick on Day 3: The kiss extended to this day’s morning. We went to Mt. Kalugong in Brgy. Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. Took the best part of the day with the trail and view of this less than minor climb. We were able to get back to the place just in time for packing things and fixing our selves. Had a quick lunch that is not quick, and headed to the venue of the meeting. It was a long day…and I was really surprised to find that the ride home is not something I ever thought of. But I endured. I had o choice but to accept it. I could have changed things if I was given the choice. Again, I was kicked going home – somehow the same way I left.

Hard days are here. Might as well pick the best memories to keep.



June 18 2018

A busy day at work…but a great night for workout.

Xan came early. Eating some bread at 7-11 when I get there.

We walked to Baywalk until CCP and started our run there. The menu? 5.0 kms 4:1. The goal is to move and finish the distance better than the first.

The struggle is real. The 1st kilometer pace is too fast. We slowed down and adjusted accordingly.

Another milestone and a better record. 5.0 kms, 4:1 Run:Walk finished in 0:44:36.

We then ate at Shawarma Snack House for the best shawarma…hahaha.

We also went to Bruno’s. Meeting with Sky for some installation of a new printer.

Then, I had to go home.