Feb 27, 2011

Total MILEAGE as of December 31, 2010: 4,046 to-date

Mileage of 2010 = 1,551.96
Mileage of 2009 = 1,592.65
Mileage of 2008 = 0,901.39

Target for 2011 = 2,000 kms. 🙂

FOR 2010 cannot be seen anymore.

Shoe STATs: As of December 31, 2010

ANTA Running Shoes 325 km
NIKE Pegasus +25 2,328 km
Newton Racer 1,280 km
AdiZero Bostono Ekiden 45 km
Supernova Glide 2 68 km

LAST 2009 cannot be seen anymore.

Target above is 1,500 kms…ACCOMPLISHED A TOTAL OF 1,592.65 as of year end 2009. Target beaten December 14.

2010 Trivia:

Logged 471.4 kms as Training in Preparation for the QCIM. The QCIM Run itself not included in the count.
Training Started August 17, 2010 to the Race Week.

4 thoughts on “Runs and TRAINING LOGs

  1. Wow taas na ng mileage mo! Good Job!
    Habulin mo ko sa 1,000! hehehe…

    Medyo bumaba na mileage ko, i’m done with quantity. I’ll focus on quality naman.

  2. Sobrang cool ss pagtakbo wala ka nang masasabi p ang bumanga giba hehehe…… minsan maaabot ko din ang mga tinakbo mo hehehehehe kung tatakbo p ako ulit! ingat pare good boy….!

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