Last Sunday’s LSD @ The FORT

As the pacer for the 2nd team, composed of the following:
– bong
– me
– lauren
– migs aka shutter_speed
– davidvir
= rene aka jazzrunner (not in the picture)
= rod (not in the picture)
…we were able to complete 21.3 kilometers. 🙂dsc08731-fr-jude

Other peeps in the group who opted to finish earlier/shorter than the 21K (or at least, not along side us):
– cathy aka cathletic
– tven77
– ric
– cliff
– dree
– those whom i forgot to mention, beep me! 🙂

PicShots after the run, just at the doorstep of ROX:


8 thoughts on “Last Sunday’s LSD @ The FORT

  1. Thanks for pacing group 2 mar. Nice feedbacks from your group. Nice job. Ikaw ulit next time ha…..see you sa carboloading……cheers

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