Last Sunday’s LSD @ The FORT

As the pacer for the 2nd team, composed of the following:
– bong
– me
– lauren
– migs aka shutter_speed
– davidvir
= rene aka jazzrunner (not in the picture)
= rod (not in the picture)
…we were able to complete 21.3 kilometers. 🙂dsc08731-fr-jude

Other peeps in the group who opted to finish earlier/shorter than the 21K (or at least, not along side us):
– cathy aka cathletic
– tven77
– ric
– cliff
– dree
– those whom i forgot to mention, beep me! 🙂

PicShots after the run, just at the doorstep of ROX:


8 responses

  1. Congrats boss pojie! Best dressed LSD runner ka! Hehehe….

  2. Ang ganda ng shot ng second pace group. Galing!

    1. Agree about the shot — best pic, last kilometer…great run! =)

  3. Thanks, Natz…do i get something?

    Thanks, Rico…:)It was Noel who shot that!

  4. wahaaa, ala ako sa pictures..sana sir pojie mapost mo rin ung nasa mckinley tayo!

  5. ako din wala sa pics. blister ako last kilometer (palusot?!) hehe.

  6. Thanks for pacing group 2 mar. Nice feedbacks from your group. Nice job. Ikaw ulit next time ha…..see you sa carboloading……cheers

  7. stevoe(tven77) | Reply

    yahooo!..thanks forefoot runnner..inlcuded na ako sa pictures =)

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