Dont Judge A Drink By It’s Color!

Last night was the ending session for the TAKBO.PH Nutrition Seminar.
It turned out to be surprisingly amazing. Loaded with the much needed info on what to eat and why, the dinner is far more amazing! The picture below is something you might mistake for POMELO, STRAWBERRY OR something with such hue.
But!…it’s Camote Juice!..and wait, there’s more!
What seems like a meaty menu, is not actually it. Here’s what i took.


“Veggie Meat” yan. With lettuce & carrot sidings.

Galing no! I thought nga wrapped up na after the presentation on the food groups and essentials and protein and carbs…there’s more ulit! Not related to running nor food, but equally important. The mind, the relationships, and the spirit.

You should sign up and attend such enlightening seminar. That’s the right thing to do. I just did that. 🙂


6 responses

  1. Sarap nyan talaga…. Pwede pa kayang umatend ulit sa 2nd batch?

  2. Ang galing. Parang four seasons fruit drink. 🙂

  3. Poj– nice blog!

    mukhang masarap nga. bigla tuloy akong nagutom…

  4. Di ko pareho natikman yan eh. Late ako dumating… nahiya na ako kumuha. hehehe… gagawa ako nyang juice na yan ng matikman ng mga kids. okay ba lasa pojie?

    1. Red, Marc, masarap xa! Unbelievably nice to the taste!

  5. sarap naman nito! parang d kamote juice e…anong lasa sir pojie?

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