RUNNING INJURY FREE for the Whale Sharks

For the Whale Sharks!

Like me, a lot of blog visitors who are runners, are now in closing prep (if not tapering already) for the Condura Run 2009. I hope everybody has properly trained. This is what BR (Bald Runner) told me before. For this big run, i have gone through a lot of new experiences. Even the MIDNIGHT RUN with Albert aka RUN2DMOON gave me a new perspective in running. He taught me a lot that one midnight. There are far more things we didn’t know, a lot to learn, compared to what we already knew. And running more than what you have only prepared for is a big big challenge. We aim to finish. We wish to cross the finish line alive and well! Most importantly, injury free. It takes a lot to avoid injuries. You start with pampering yourself with the knowledge. I google everything. I take note of every detail of advice the experts give. I try them out. And im glad im not injured trying.

Staying injury free while training is what i always preach. Maybe not always, but it’s my practice. I am no expert. I am just experienced. When it comes to your own training, you must really Listen to your BODY, always. EXPERT ONE says. Listen to your knees too! EXPERT TWO said so. Remember the rule: NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. EXPERT TRI reminds us.

There’s just so much to avoid. On race day, while training, after the run. I hope we all get things done right. 🙂

Happy Running everyone!


2 thoughts on “RUNNING INJURY FREE for the Whale Sharks

  1. the only taper i know is tap(er)ing my nipples! hehe
    pretty soon you’ll be the master of your game. just keep things fun. otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth doing.
    goodluck on your run and go ride the sharks!

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