Crowd seems to murmur something. Everyone is just so excited. First time in this lifetime.

We started slow. I have generally studied the course. Mental tricks i have somersaulted. One GOAL. Gotta focus. Gotta stay with “the plan”.

The fun started the minute we converse. The very minute our common passion glued us together.

I was generally relaxed. Very much focused. Always cautious of my time and pace. Gotta beat “the plan”. Gotta make it come true. Gotta stick to it like glue.

From slow to a bit fast, i was making the ‘goal-dream’ a reality. I mentally posted some notes as to what time we should be where.

The cool morning slowly bloomed into a warm day. I remained focused, I stayed calm, despite unaccounted number of pictures, & lots of runners who passed us by earlier, whom we now left behind. As the heat goen on, & we closed in on the last 6 kilometers of this half-marry, a felt a lot stronger. Guys & gals whom i can’t seem to reach earlier are now walking as I pass by. And some whom are pacing with me, left me behind too.

It was a sweet assault to the finish. I was too relaxed to slow down, and a bit tired to speed-up more. Last turn to the finish line was a strange sight for me. It seemed suddenly too easy. I planned a 2:30:00 time. I aimed to beat it, if not exactly step at it.

As i crossed the line…I was minute late. 🙂


12 responses

  1. ey pojie….congrats for finishing the half mary….1 minute late is not that far from your plan…still you did a great mind and body work out and finished with more energy to spare…ultraman ka talaga…congrats…

  2. pareho tayo bro, 1 minute late sa target time 😦
    bawi nalang next time.

  3. pojie! thanks for pacing bro! i wasn’t able to thank you yesterday. as we were too busy smiling for the cams. pasok naman sa pace yun finished time. 2:31:nn
    congrats bro!

    1. Nice Rod. You’re welcome. Am glad we were just ‘a minute late’.

  4. stevoe(tven77) | Reply

    Congrats Master Pojie!..Greenfield City? he he

    1. Yes! Steve! My congratulations flows back to you too! Greenfields ang next half natin. And we’d beat our time dito sa COndura! Yes!

  5. Hi Mar,

    Congrats for finishing strong, that race will go to the books. Why was it that almost everyone was a minute late, I was too. Rest easy, I’ll see you at the miracle run.

    1. Yes, Vener. Kita Kits sa Miracle Run…
      I think, just maybe, because we took a lot of pictures? 🙂

  6. Hey Pojie! It’s OK to be a bit off target, now you have more room for improvement! Congrats on your half!

  7. Thanks, Dennis. I will improve my time sa Greenfields! Hoping! jejejeje

  8. congrats, boss pojie. 1 minute is not bad! at least you’re relatively within target. =)

  9. congrats pojie!! 1 minute late?!… if you weren’t stopping to take pictures, you might have finished ahead of me.. hirap ata mag recover ng momentum after a stop.. 🙂

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