Minutes before 5:30pm, i was already moving. No stretch, started at Pedro Gil corner Roxas Blvd. to Buendia, where I would make a left turn to get to Osmena Highway. It was a nice run. I was steadily moving at a comfortable pace. I passed by 7-11 at the corner of Gov. Harrison to have my hydration bottle filled with gatorade.

It’s quite cloudy for a late afternoon. Upon reaching Osmena Highway, I turned right to Pasay Road, passing thru the under of the Skyway. I stopped for a sec to take a picture of the sight. I then continue and turned left when i reached Pasay Road.

I took another stop for apicture at a KM7 Marker in Pasay Road. Upon reaching KM8, i felt a cold wind. Uh oh.

I was at the corner of EDSA and Pasay Road, about to cross when I get an SMS telling me of a rain. And there, IT IS! As i enter McKinley Road at the Corner of EDSA and Ayala, small drizzle kissed my face. And as i go deep into McKinley Road going to Lawton Ave, the rain is already hugging me. I was soaking wet when i reached Nike Park at BHS. I registered for the 21K Greenfields City RUN.

Am glad. 🙂


4 thoughts on “SWEAT AND RAIN

  1. Hey Mar, seems you’re training for the milo marathon, huh. This is a simulation of that race, all knowing that milo is traditionally held with rain and drizzle. Good luck, see you at greenfields 21.

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