We all have friends. We all have our passions. We are friendly and we are passionate about what we do. We all have our own addictions.

They say, to have a friend, you must first become one. I believe that. They say, that in order for your passion to be more enjoyable, you must share it. They also said, that an addict, when met by another addict, becomes more addictive. True.

I’ve met new friends. We share the same passion. We’re all addicts.

We met first thru a word. We first talk in a virtual ‘tambayan’. We exposed each other’s passion, and we found out, we’re addicted in the same thing.

A WORD could really change some people’s lives, sometimes. Mine changed a lot. I gain a lot of friends now…and I call them as such because I see no reason why we should be enemies. We share a ‘high-level’ of passion in running. And, admittedly, we got addicted. And our addiction grows. We’re not contented with just a text message. We abused a shout box and turned it into an Instant Messenger.

I never thought i’d meet such people. I never knew they existed. Same goes to me.

We’re now known to each other. We know each other’s level of passion. We know who is more addicted to running, and who is getting more addicted to it.

Funny how everything turned into something big with just a word…

how we are now binded by it, by the friendship in it, by the passions, and by the addictions in it.

Such a word: TAKBO.PH!
I must say hi to the people there 🙂


3 thoughts on “THE WORD THAT BINDS

  1. nice one bro! 🙂 i never thought i’d be addicted THIS MUCH to running without you guys. enduring the heat, sweat and pains were easier when there are people who support you in all your endeavors 🙂 thanks for being one of the “pushiest” people in takbo hehehe 🙂

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