Saturday morning was a good morning for a runner like me. It started with a run! 🙂

that would be me, pao and migz.

that’s doc topher, me (kneeled), migz (at my back), pao (far back-out), doc roy, carlo and timmy

but before the taho, which comes after the run, this is how we look:
that’s pao, timmy, me, doc roy, doc topher, carlo and migz.

and ended the run with a Taho.PH rendevouz! courtesy of Doc Topher!
line up net of the magtataho: pao, migz, doc topher, carlo, timmy, me and doc roy

and we paused to have a shot – oblationationatory. 🙂

and then we all go home…and sleep the night for a next day race event. the miracle run. check out whose early? (shot courtesy of Argonaut!)

that’s sherwin, luis, timmy, migz, vic and me! 🙂 (xempre!)

and the class picture, after! – my profile picture first!



…after the unending picture taking again, I added 5K to my nice PR at 10K. Rod, the Rod.Runner, joined me. We trailed the same 5K route of the actual race and crossed the finish line, for the 3rd time, again! 🙂


5 thoughts on “WEEKEND’S CHALLENGE

  1. Nice shots!..miss your company guys..Andito lahat ng makukulit ah,he he. See you on the Greenfield City Run Master Mar!.

  2. nice!. . that was the first taho ‘kinda’ party we had. . . my birthday ata yan e. . tapos followed by another taho party April which Argo had the BIGGEST serving. . . until now i’m still not eating taho hehehe. . .

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