Given the 30-minute time I have allotted for this morning run, I was expecting to complete at least 5 if not 6 kilometers, considering that this is my speed run schedule.

I started slow….and as I run, I noticed one peculiar thing. I can’t run with speed. I was practically dragging myself. Here’s the time:

1st kilometer paced @ 06:40.0 (a steady dragged pace)
2nd kilometer paced @ 6:00.3 (glad I was able to push a bit)
3rd kilometer paced @ 06:40.9 (again, a dragging pace considering that i was on forefoot)
4th kilometer paced @ 06:36.1 (made up my mind to stop)

As much as I can I maintain the first step I make at the start of every kilometer. and I was able to. But it’s just not fun at all when you are dragging yourself. My Short Speed Distance Run this morning is a Short Dragging Distance. I wonder why. Possibly the sumptuous meal I had last night. It was a get-together dinner with old friends. We feasted on seafoods. I ate what I would not usually eat, and I drank what I would not normally drink. 🙂 Was a ‘full’ night though, and an ’empty’ morning.


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