21kms Greenfields City Run Pace

It was an exciting run. Everybody in attendance was just so hyped at the very start. All’s well except for one…

The first 5 kilometers, i clocked @ 33:04.8
The second 5 kilometers @ 32:08.5 (improving!)
The third 5 kilometers @ 30:56.2 (doing good!)
The next 1 kilometer to Kilometer 16 paced @ 6:45.5
The following 1 kilometer to Kilometer 17 paced @ 6:31.9 (great!)
The horrible thing came in. Lactate suddenly build-up. I reached Kilometer 18 @ 7:47.1 pace from Kilometer 17. And then…
The worst just creeped-up! 2 calves muscle in stiff condition…a half-cooked cramp so painful. I stopped, stretched and tried to walk to Kilometer 19. I was able to …but it took me 9:06.7 minutes.
The walking just eased up the pain and I was able to run straight the last 2 kilometer to the finish line. Took me between 12 to 14 minutes to cross the finish line in style – FOREFOOT, and Running! 🙂

Race Result just came out…I crossed the Finish Line, took my Finisher’s Medal in 02:19:46! Am glad! 🙂

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