For the nth time, i was touched. Not thru SMS, nor personal handshake, nor kind words, nor some sign language.

It was a written journal of accomplishment by Doctor Roy L. Tan. See here.

After reading his own blog, I realized that we both started joining races at the same race. RUN AGAINST PAIN. I can never forget that race. It was really a painful race for me…i was really running against pain – in full muscle cramps after 5kms.

But then I finished. And i was so elated. Now again, like the way I felt when I finished my first ever race, I am so elated. Who wouldn’t be? I am Immortalized by somebody! 🙂

2 thoughts on “IMMORTALIZED

  1. nayz post poj! na-immortalize na din kita ah. magkakatabi tayo sa condura. ako si jollibee, remember? hehehehe

    keep it up bro. =)

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