It makes me sad whenever I heard a friend or anybody known to me enduring not a run, but an injury.

It makes me wonder why such should even happen.

Reading through an old magazine, I chanced upon an article on Complete Running Programs. I was amazed. Mountains to climb, and CrossTraining tips, included. Wow.

Running is refered to as the


Now i must disagree! 🙂 And I’m pretty sure you know why.

Going back to the injury thing, especially for the new ones in running, it’s best to keep a good note of these things:

1. Before you even run, Have your feet checked first. The right shoe could save you a lot. You have to know your foot type. Right shoe, right foot strike = less probability of injury.
2. Build a comfortable level of pace. EASY pace is 8 to 10 minutes per kilometer. Normal pace is 6 to 8 minutes per kilometer, and the FAST pace is 4 to 6 minutes per kilometer.
3. Build your endurance first. And control your pace. No endurance, no speed. No endurance, no good run at all. You’d just end up walking a race.
4. Cross train to reinforce your fitness. Swim, Bike or Climb. As I am a no good swimmer, I bike and climb too.

Good news about injury is that it’s something preventable. Yes, it is preventable. How?
1. Pay particular attention to your heart rate, your fluid intake (what you drink before, during and after a run), and your food requirement. Also, the warm-up, the stretching, and the cool-down is important to note.
2. Get a right fitting shoe. This is something usually taken for granted and is the most common cause of injury. One slight misfit can affect your biomechanics – the footstrike, the roll of the foot, the leg alignment, the pressure on the knee, and even the hip up to your lower back.
3. Be well informed. Listening to your body is best. You should be able to recognize common injury warning signs. As runners, we are exposed to heat strokes and dehydration – and this should be paid attention at all times.

For the tested runners who still get injured…grow up, guys. Time to dig deeper why. There’s just a bunch of reasons for it – the most common of which is – TRYING TOO HARD. There’s nothing wrong with Giving-Out-Your-Best. There’s no arguing about you trying out something for your own satisfaction. What’s not right is the presence of injury.

Nobody wants to be injured. In all certainty, I could say that nobody in this moving planet would even want to be injured. Yet, it happens.

This is just a reminder, that such an injury is preventable. What might have been. What should have happened.


5 thoughts on “TIDBITS OF THOUGHTS

  1. well said coach hoff marathonman!

    to summarize everything in one sentence (know yourself and limitations)or kahit one hyphenated word: “self knowledge” hehehe

    nice entry coach! applies to all 🙂

  2. Nice entry coach…. Like what Rio said…. he would rather that his runners have a long, successful career rather than one marked by immediate success yet punctuated by a quick free fall due to injury….

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