How to Run Along

This is not running 101. Am no expert. I am experienced.

This is no joke..While I’m a spontaneous jester most of the times, my running is something serious.

Believe me, running while you laugh or laughing while you run, is something that is not a match made in heaven. Either you stop your run to laugh, or stop laughing to run. :)

I must reiterate something. This is just a reminder for all the people who has been my running companions, and for the new ones who will be joining me soon.

LSD or Long Slow Distance is what I would usually organize. My favorite training run in preparation for a FULL Marathon = 42.195 KMS. Long is relative to the distance. Long refers to time. Slow refers to the pace. Slow is relative to the runner. My slow is already a fast to others. While my fast is too slow to some.

Running alone is fine. You can do what you like. You can run at your own pace and you’ll never be left behind! (Nor will you ever lead!) You can incorporate fartlek and tempo in your own run…but not really, when you run in a group.

A groupruntogether is first of all, fun. You have lots of souls with warm body to talk to. You can pick your pace too.

There’s just some cool ideas about running in a group.

Long runs require a lot. The group is supposed to be intact. While some pacers have fast pace, nobody should be left behind to run alone.

Scatter brain says:
1. Run your own pace. But always run alongside somebody.
2. Understand that it is just fine to take a walk break. This means, slow walk for the feet, knee and muscle to recover.
3. Unless you plan to run a long run in your race pace, do consider the distance of the last runner compared to the lead. It’s just hard to see each other when you’re 3 miles away.
4. Prepare for the inevitable. The sun, the heat, the thirst, the hunger.
5. Always check how your body reacts to your pace. Slow or fast, you will sweat a lot. However, only a pace fast for your heart will make it pump more.

Come along and go...along with me. Wonder with me...RUN along.


One thought on “How to Run Along

  1. yessir! hahaha will run along with you! wanna baguio na! hahaha 🙂 nice thoughts and inputs, as always 🙂

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