Night run along Lanuza Street (i hope the street name is right) in Pasig with Luis, Chris, Doc Topher, Timmy, Bong Yu, Rico and Cherry last night, gave me a blast.

I got a burst of fury over some rider.

We we’re running just near the shoulder of the street when these two guys sharing a motorcycle shouted at us – “MGA BISAYA”.

I reacted so quickly and (my bad, my mistake) foul-mouthed them too.

As we continue running, I realized my mistake and think it through. Some people just don’t understand how runners are. If fact, some people are just so ignorant over some things.

Liken to the moon we all know and see almost everyday, only a few can define what it is.

It’s a sad realization that there exists some people in the society who can carelessly just hurl any words they want at others, just because they don’t understand or like something?

Anyways, Im glad of the work-out we’ve had last night…It was a nice hill work-out, guaranteed to take your breath (literally), away.



  1. nice.. buti na lang hindi nyo ako kasama.
    waray nanay ko, illongo tatay ko. kung nagkataon na kasama nyo ako, baka… wala lang. hehehehe

  2. Well, you can’t blame yourself poj for that reaction… kaasar naman talaga! but.. i like your coolness… cool na cool ka pa din! APIR!!

  3. Hi Pojie, I think you handled the situation pretty well. Probably the endorphins helped you feel good when you continued running, despite of the ugly situation.

    If a person would yell “bisaya” or “ilonggo” at me, I’ll call him “tagalog”!!!

  4. instead of shouting negative response to these people, just simply shout at them with the words…THANK YOU!!!

  5. So true, Master Mar, they just don’t comprehend. In the same line, quoting from RW, from what I recall: “Explaining the agony of a marathon to a non-runner is like explaining color to the blind”

  6. aba may eksenang ganun? anyways that just shows how ignorant some people are. nadala ka lang ng sitwasyon hehe. nice to hear you had a good run nonetheless. 🙂

  7. I got surprised nga kung ano yun because we were in front, heckler pala. That’s okay though, couldn’t put a dampener on a very nice evening run 🙂

  8. Dear Podjie – Not only did you handle the situation nicely you even had the guts to blog it. It is something we all have to live by in this crazy world of ours. Just always remember you do not lose anything by ignoring this kind of people instead you become a better person.

  9. Hi Poje. About 10 years ago here, that used to happen a lot towards runners. However, I either ignore it now or use Bald Runner’s “thank you” comment. It’s good that you had fellow runners with you and that you got a good workout in. Please take care.

  10. Hi coach! okay lang yun… kawawa naman sila… marami kasi silang problema kaya ganun at kailangan nilang ibuhos ang galit sa inyo… Idol ko kayo for your patience….

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