Above, you’d see the elevation detail of the run…and the distance too. What we thought was 21 KMS turned out to be just 18.36 KMS. Nice.

The agony of running uphills (see again the figure above) is so much. Running down is much easy.

For once, like what happened last Sunday, i will agree about the ‘thin air’ thing. I was about past 2km from the start when I started feeling it. I was trying to ignore it but then after some more time of continuous running, I felt ‘hard breathing’ to ‘lacking out of breath’. I have to stop, re-clip the belt of my hydration bag and start deep-breathing in and out.

After a couple of passing time, and trying to walk the minute, the guys started catching up and passing by me.

Right on time for my recovery, the big bulk of the group joined me. And so I catch-up run with them.

The gravity pull going down was so easy. It was the feat after the turn-around that tested everything we’ve got.

It was bliss when I reached the top. Though forced to walk and in some kind of pain, I was able to recover again and started running straight to the finish line.

The sight of the Red Bold Letter hanging in the air gave me enough push to finish the race strong. Am so happy with the group’s accomplishment. I am so glad with mine.


2 thoughts on “CITY OF PINE RUNNING

  1. Congrats coach! Coming off a full marathon, a 34 k LSD, you continue to astound us with your resiliency! That was one tough course out there. And yes, I really felt that the thin air made a big difference, the killer hills notwithstanding. Overall, it was a tremendous run, one that I’m particularly proud to be part of.

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