As most of my closest friends knew, I like running in the rain. It’s my favorite time for running…a condition that’s so cool for my body.

This is exactly what happened at the Earth Run. I was able to beat old time records. This is now my personal best time. Thanks to the drizzle, and the wet road.

The race started 30 minutes late from the supposed time. All runners of different categories were made to start all-together.

As expected, unless you’re position at the front, you are forced to start slow. The road is crowded. 16km-runners spammed with 3km and 5km group.

Navigational running experience sets in. You must find your way among this crowd.

After the first lace-marker turn-around, the road seemed to just open and give-way. I was having fun recovering from the uphill of McKinley. After the 5km marker, 16km-runners basically own the road.

I tuned my pace with at least a hard effort. I marked the 6km-pacer as my personal target.

Going to Pasong Tamo Ext., I was able to set a good pace with the pacer. Am glad with my pace. We’re basically like running buddies running together. All the way down to Bayani Road, we’re just arms away from each other. Not until the trun-around at C5. The pacer kept up with his pace. I have to slow down to recover. At this point, we’re about to run-up again to Lawton Ave.

With the best effort I could muster, I gave all, and consistently kept a fast-but-careful stride to the finish.

Like I would always do, a strong finish is my usual aim. And I was able to accomplish the same.

Am glad to have set a new personal best record. I hope to continually beat the same over some hard training.



  1. Congrats on your achieved target PR! It was my first time to run in the rain (taht strong), it wasn’t bad as I thought it would be. My only problem was getting my gadget ek-ek wet. But I choose rain over sun anytime!

  2. @Mar,
    Congrats on the new PR! Yes, the weather was really nice and it was cooler compared to the previous races. You will soon become as strong/stronger than the pacer eventually. Kaya dapat kami lagi sasama sa mga runs mo.


  3. coach! if nagising siguro ako kahapon, masaya na sana ako sa PR ko ng 5K hahaha pero sulit naman ung run ko sa hapon. ibang feeling talaga pagka umuulan at tumatakbo. 🙂 next week ulit!

  4. SALAMAT!sir pojie salamat ha!sayo ako naki pace.kaso hndi mo ako kakilala hehehehe.hndi mo pa ako na meet po kase nahihiya ako hehehehe.hndi manlang kita aproach nun earthrun.pero tnx ulit kase na pa bilis ako.bumontot ako sayo kaya naka tapos ako ng 1:32.ang practice time ko sa 16k is 1:50 eh.kaso hndi tayo naka kuha ng tshirt.intay natin result at kapag pumasok ka sa first 300 sana pasok din ako hehehehe suportahan taka sa pag reklamo sa tshirt natin hehehehehehe.tatakbo ulit ako mizuno sana mapasabay ako sayo ulit para ma pa bilis ako heheheheehe tnx ulit sir

  5. Congrats Pojie! I was also pacing with you guys about 5-10m behind you for the most part of the race.. It really was a great weather condition to run..

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