MONDAYS – Easy Run
FRIDAY – Tempo Run
SUNDAY – Tempo/Speed Run

In preparation for the BIG event on October 18, 2009, the above schedule holds. of course, I am always that flexible to alter it if the situation mandates.

1st Week of JUNE:
06.02.09 TUES – Morning Easy RUN 10kms failed to do over some errands that cannot be ignored. Did an Easy 5.75 kms only.
06.04.09 THUR – Night Long RUN 30kmsfailed again…done only 12kms under a hard rain.
06.07.09 SUNS – Morning Tempo RUNa not so good time at Mizuno. Did the 15kms.
Total MILEAGE for the 1st Week of JUNE: 32.75 kms ONLY. WAY-OFF!

2nd Week of JUNE:
06.09.09 NIGHT Hills Training at least 10kms.
done 11.33kms in 1:58.39.2 Hill Sprints and Fartlek shocked the legs!
06.11.09 MORNING Easy RUN at least 8kmsfailed
06.12.09 FREEDOM CLIMB @ PICO DE LORO a success!
06.14.09 Morning LSD @ PTAA Run in U.P.was able to do only 17.8kms.
Total MILEAGE for the 2nd WEEK of JUNE: 29.13kms ONLY. This SUCKS!

3rd Week of June:
06.16.09 NIGHT Hills Training (again) 10 kms
done! 11.9kms
06.17.09 NIGHT Easy Tempo RUN 15kmsfailed
06.19.09 Night EASY Run done! 11.9kms + 5 kms = 16.9 kms
06.21.09 Trail Running @ ALL Terrain 15kms.
done! 15.5kms! in 1:55:00.
Total MILEAGE for the 3rd WEEK of JUNE: 44.3kms ONLY. Not Bad..

4th Week of June:
06.22.09 Rest
06.23.09 Rest
06.24.09 Night Run @KM 0 to Uniwide Coastal Loop. At least 30kms. done ONLY 21kms.
06.27.09 TAPERED…BUT i paddled. S#1
06.30.09 TAPERED…BUT i paddled. S#2

1st Week of JULY:
07.02.09 TAPERED…BUT i paddled. S#3
07.05.09 33RD MILO MARATHON! 42.195 kms! DONE! FINISHED!

2nd Week of July:
07.09.09 Paddle S#4. Bike, Paddle, Bike…Oh Yeah, I was a Pacer!
07.11.09 7 KMS Slow Dragging RUN
07.12.09 LSD @ 5am with Neil, Mike, Gab, Rachel, Rod, Carina, Doc Lyndon, Carmen, Shel, Gabo, Jet, Nicky, Carol, Tony, Cindy, and many others whom i cant recall as of this writing…able to DO 21KMS ++ . Nice Run with you, Guys.

3rd Week of July:
07.14.09 Paddle S#5 3 sets of 10 minutes. Bike, Paddle, Bike.
07.16.09 Paddle S#6, 4 sets of 10 minutes, 3 sets of Starts. Bike, Paddle, Bike.
07.18.09 Paddle S#7, 3 sets of 10 minutes. Bike, Paddle, Bike. Still, NO RUN for the Whole 6 days. 🙂
07.19.09 21KMS @ Globe RUN for HOME done in 02:44 pacing Neil, Isagani, David Buban and Tito Caloy.

4th Week of July:
07.20.09 Swim Night...a good session. Was taught and learned quite a little! 🙂
07.22.09 04 KMS Easy Short RUN @ MOA
07.23.09 05 KMS Easy Tempo RUN @ BHS
07.25.09 Time Trial Paddle S#8. 4 Sets of 20 Starts/Long and Loaded Paddle. 500 meters.
07.26.09 CARDIAC HILLS Trail Run DONE 19.5 KMS. Run, Bike, and RUN!

Ideally, more hills and more speed work-out is needed….


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