The May That Was

Week 1
05.08.09 Climb at Mount Maculot. An experience worth repeating over and over again. For me.


We took the Grotto and the 45 trail to the ‘7/11’ of Mount Maculot, and down to the Rocky Road.

After a few hours of sleep…

05.10.09 Botak Paa.Tibayan 42kms. LSD

Now this is something I myself, never thought, I’d do. After only about 2 hours of sleep from the climb, off I go to the Starting line of Botak Paa.Tibayan.


Finishing after more than 6 hours, I was awarded with a Medal, sunburn, dark skin and loads of praises.

Week 2
05.17.09 An LSD from Tagaytay to Sta. Rosa Laguna. Finished in more than 4 hours the long and heated 33.96 kms.


The arrozcaldo and the cold drinks after made this run more memorable as it is. Thanks to Mhel. Thanks to Doc Eric.

Week 3
05.24.09 The Botak Baguio City Run 21Kms.

Now this is one nasty run. Nobody knew the trail. We were surprised to be tested here. 3 kms of steep downhill…and needless to say, where you go down, you go up. The pounding was just memorable. The cold temperature did help a lot.


The fun side of the trip is the sharing of meals where we stayed. Thank to Cherry.

Week 4
05.31.09 Earth Run 16kms. A New Personal Best Record so far. It was a drizzling morning run, nice and cool and so wet!.


The IE8 runners and the Earth Runners agreed to converge in McDo Net One. There, the fun just never fades.



Now…lets go to the month of June. Hmmm.



6 thoughts on “The May That Was

  1. Wow! Master Mar! Busy month for you! Curly Climb, uphill, downhill, almost mountain climb again in Baguio… All your pictures reflect the fun you’ve been having!! Thanks for organizing the events.. and the upcoming events.. So, what do we have for June?

  2. nice pics! ๐Ÿ˜€ they capture the moments really well ๐Ÿ˜€ makes me wish i had started running much much much earlier ๐Ÿ˜€

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