Takbo Event?

Bored with the usual Sunday races in the Metro? No wonder the races outside Manila is becoming a hit. Many have been asking when will Takbo.ph have its own event. I don’t have the answer myself.

This is not a Takbo.ph event since we don’t have the funds to organize one. But just this week, a sponsor together with Takbo.ph and a race organizer have come together to bring you a unique running event. We don’t have the date yet and we can’t give out the details. Kaya wag inyo ako kulitin. Hehehe. But as I was listening to the concept, I just can’t help but share this piece of news with you. It will surely be the next big thing in races that you will look forward to.

We hope to get your usual support so that our sponsor will do this every year and because I know that you will want to run this kind of event every year.

Aren’t you glad you are a runner?


1. It will not be outside Manila.
2. It will not be the usual Sunday morning race.
3. Typical distances. Maybe a 3/5/10K or a 3/5/15K. Saan mas gusto ninyo?
4. The event will be unique. We usually go home after the race but this time, you will really stay after the event. Ang uuwi, confiscate natin ang running shoes. Hehehe…

Lots of excitement.
Lots of speculations.
Lots of ideas come to mind.
Hmmmm. The agony of waiting.

Save the day. Empty the calendar. Prepare.

What event this is? Back to the clues.

1. It’s inside the Metro. Good.
2. Not your usual Sunday morning. Must be an afternoon affair!
3. Typical distance…speed or endurance?
4. Unique…wow.

I think i’d go for speed this time. Hmmm.


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