It was not just a dim day. It was gloomy and chilled.

Nonstop rain from morning to night. But we have a run. Who the hell could stop us?

I came late at the meeting place. Due to so many nasty and undesirable reason. Not the rain though!

Thanks to J.nash for the ride to ROX.

The road was almost empty when I left the office. Only the wild strong wind fills the way. The drizzle, which is the usual substitute of the hard pour, kissed my face as I wait for my elegant ride – the jeepney.

At Buendia, I transfered to a more elegant (though rusty) jeepney to Ayala. I passed-by Mercury Drug for the fuels. I even snatched a burger at Tropical – a burger I’ve tasted for so very long.

Chewing some choco-snacks as my main fuel for any runs, we reached the point of meet-up. There, to my surprise, a huge number of soaking wet runners. All very familiar!

We spent minutes first at Rudy Project for the most coveted shirt in town…the IAMNINOY shirt. Hell yeah, I’m a registered member. Soon, i’d wear it.

So off we go. Around Bonifacio High Streets, we rolled. 2 rounds after, we go straight to McKinley Hills. It was a fast paced run in the hard rain. The sweat and the rain fight it out in my skin. Nasty taste!

At the first pit-stop, we load some sweets and carbs. I present to you: THE ATTENDANCE!





There was a pause before we cross the road to ROX. Another picture-capturing event. Under the rain. We paused, and sprint. It was so nice.



After the brief stop and picture captures, we head on back to BHS. Again, the weather just so loved us that HE decided to let drop a very hard rain on us.

There at ROX, a gang is waiting for us. They too missed the run in the rain. But they took time to join us. Such fun.



Now you know what you just missed.



20 thoughts on “ROMANCING THE RAIN

  1. Hey Mar,

    Yeah, Rachel & I were changed already, then the rain poured really hard and knowing that I have been travelling 2hrs everyday to get home from work (one way), it was best to just stay home. The sloway (skyway) really needs to constructed faster if not faster. Haay.
    Galing ng mga adiks!


  2. Yess!!! I’m inlove! Inlove with the rain πŸ™‚ I enjoyed running in the hard rain last night.. That was the first time I went out of that kind of rain.. Really glad I joined you guys… Another unforgettable situation for me.. Thank you guys! πŸ™‚ ULITIN NATIN TO!!!!

  3. sorry i wasn’t able to join you guys sa mckinley. di ako naka-alis ng BHS. di ko maiwan yun ksama ko eh. shy pa daw sila. hehehe. but was fun running ng ganun kalakas ang ulan. =)

  4. Oo nga , sarap pala tumakbo sa ulan..di masyado nakakapagod dahil mabilis ka macooldown…At tama si Bong maganda yung shirt ni rico last night… yung may Adik tapos running shoes ang print…

  5. Ang galing natin kagabi ano? I could imagine the people in their cars thinking, “Who are all these crazy people running in the rain?”

    Looking forward to getting wet with all of you again soon!

  6. yey! i just fell in love with running in the rain, it came right to top 3 of my fave things! hahaha.. syempre, it wouldn’t be half as fun without all the takbo people.. So glad i joined your gang.. So when is the next rainy run? Can’t wait.. haha

  7. All testimonials prove a very satisfying experience…can’t wait to race in the rain!

    I like your writing style Mar — caters a lot to the senses. This is a very inviting blog, thank you very much!

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