After last month’s climb at Mount Maculot with the gang below this paragraph, I have a new set of gang joining the climb this June 12, 2009 – The Freedom Climb.



We shall be joining other climbers in Mount Pico de Loro. See the view below.


So what do I expect now? Not much.
1. Fun Climb
2. Jolly Gang
3. Sunny Day
4. Cool Night
5. Musical Evening
6. Easy Leg Work-Out
7. Del-uscious Meal
8. Early Get-Home
9. Warm Company
10. Blessed Day
11. Back Home Safe and Sound
12. Some Wacky Messed-Up Evening


Thanks to Carlo for the design. And thanks to the group composed of the following: pepsi,flyingboar,oOoceleoOo,dhentzm,argonaut,hagibis,dirtysanchez,drunkenlilly,joseph,ana and ayeen for making themselves available.

Looking forward to the fulfillment of my expectations!


6 responses

  1. soooooooo excited coach!

  2. ei! ingat kayo neh! pasalubong ha! =)

  3. all i can say is…. INGGIT AKO!!!! huhuhu… ingat kayo guys! 🙂

  4. i’m sure you’ll have a good time.
    wish i could join you guys… 😦
    GOOD LUCK! and post pictures, bro 🙂

  5. musical evening lang sir poj? no getting messed-up session in the evening w/ cool background music? hahahaha

  6. tama bang wala ako sa pic na nakapost? 🙂

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