06.09.09 Around 7pm, I came late at the agreed meeting place for the supposedly early night run.

After a few minutes of chat, when all is set and ready to go, we started with a single round of run around BHS.

A few minutes rest, Vic and Marvin joined us. We head to McKinley Hills. It was an easy run and quite a serious night of running. We did some hills sprints, and fartleks. I’ve had a blast. My legs are somewhat challenged by it.

Two rounds up and down the hills was so nice. We then head back to BHS where the birthday boy NEIL treated us to some ice cold softdrinks and lots of PIZZAs! Bless the man!



The run ended with some more pictures and a quite heavy rain that shooed us away!

06.12.09 A few minutes past 6am, when I reached Chowking Baclaran, Pat, Pepsi, Rodel, Anna, Gab and Cindy was already waiting for us. Carina, Gary, Ayeen and Cele followed.

After some of us finished their breakfast, we all head down to the ‘titanic’ service to Pico De Loro jump-off. True enough, the bus, a mini-bus, was a real titanic – roomy and old and rusty!


Past 9am, we reached the DENR station where we registered. Now off to the jump-off…

Pat and Dennis decided to run from the DENR station to the jump-off. Nice! Fine sight of two ‘adiks’!

After the ‘group prayer’ we started the climb. I lead, Pat, Pepsi, Dennis and Gab followed. We’re planning to get to the first camp near the water source.


By the time we reached the Base Camp 1, a number of other climbers were already there. We then decided to just camp near the water falls. Pat went ahead of everybody. I took to follow him. Dennis too and Gab.

When Dennis was able to catch up with me, I can’t see a shadow of Pat. Not even a slight voice. I was already shouting his name. Dennis then decided to just pick-up the group from Base Camp 1 and head to the water falls where I will be waiting for them.

I was already near the water falls when the rain fell. With the quickest move I could muster, I pulled the raincoat at the back of my bag.

From the waterfalls where I shouted in vain for Pat, I go back to where the road to the summit and the waterfalls meet. There…Pat heading towards me, I towards him.

We took time to sit and wait for the others to arrive. Other climbers from other groups passed-us by.

When all’s regrouped, we head back to the waterfalls to pitch camp. The temperature was hot, but the cool wind compensated for that.


Rodel started cooking his famous Carbonara, Gab his sumptuous Sinigang. After the rice has been cooked, and it was quite a lazy late afternoon, Rodel, Pepsi and I went back to the Base Camp 1 to get some more water for the group.

When we came back, some are tipsy, some are already crazy! They jugged some alcohol and took turns relaying some funny stories of what transpired while were gone.

After the dinner, and some endless discussion over some interesting topics, we rested at around 10:30pm. It was a perfect night. Cold Night, Warm Company, Nice & Intelligent Discussion, Bright Stars, Clear Sky.

4am, I get-up and woke everybody up. After some coffee and some fast-snacks, we were able to assault the road to the summit at 5am. The RUNHikers: Me, Pepsi, Carina, Cele, Rodel and Dennis.


Past 6:15am, we were able to reach the summit. Bit it was a foggy and cloudy and drizzling morning. We took some snacks and drinks and a lot of pictures ‘up there’, and decided to head back down to our camp site.





After we break camp, and some group pictures, we went down the mountain to the magnetic jump-off where our service back to Baclaran is waiting.


We had lunch somewhere along the way, and ate again some cakes at Red Ribbon before we call it a day. I got home a few minutes before 3pm.




Gotta rest. Gotta sleep. Gotta be ready for the Long Run tom.

06.14.09 Near a quarter to 6am, Carlo, Rod, Vicky and I reached the Oblation.

It was a fine morning – cool breeze, bright sunlight, great company, nice run!

We took the 10kms route of the PTAA and some more rounds around the UP Oval. It’s nice to run along the group who shares the same passion with you.

After most of the registered runners finished, we took time for some photo-ops. It was quite a number of Takbo.PH member-attendees. Such Fun.



sprinting to the finish line!
sprinting to the finish line!

We ate at Rodics…and got treated! Thanks to the Hoff Marvin! Nice tasting TAPSILOG and LONGSILOG. We then head to KOPIROTI in Katipunan for some more chats…I ate a coffee bun and the MILO Dinosaur.


Chelly dropped me at the LRT Line 2 in Santolan. Off I go. Off they went about too.

Am full. Am energized. Am glad.

7 thoughts on “THE 2ND WEEK OF JUNE

  1. Mar, Just like your May sched, June is jampacked again for you!
    Galing ng RunHikers! Saya talaga to be with peeps. As usual, the neverending picture taking rules…


  2. Wow, looks like you had an incredible time guys. And nag PTAA/LSD pa! Wonderful! Hopefully next time I could try it out as well. Nice pix, great narrative. Great post coach, more life experiences built right there. 🙂

  3. Woo! Rodic’s! I missed that! Had to leave UP agad that Sunday. It was great meeting up with everyone! And your Pico de Loro adventure looks awesome! Galing naman! Nice summary of “the week(end) that was!” More power, Mar! You’ll get there, one step at a time!

  4. Wow Master Mar, you are the unstoppable pojie! That was a very busy weekend for you! Good job on your Freedom Climb.. on your PTAA.. on your LSDs..on your….

  5. mar,you are such an inspiration. sna maging member dn ako ng runhikers…thanks for sharing your passion on running and all else in between. god bless!

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