Two more nights of sleep, and at least another day, is the BIG Day – The 33rd Milo Marathon Manila Elimination.


Going directly to the point, how the hell would you guys do it? Any strategy? HOW?

There’s no question in the preparation. I believe everybody’s excited over this. The long hours of morning and night running, in the rain, in the shine, proved all that.

As for me, here’s my plan – something I intend to keep. I would need exactly 300 minutes to run and cross the finish line. That’s a lot of time…of hard running.

1st 10 kms, in 70 minutes,
2nd 10 kms, in 63 minutes,
3rd 10 kms, in 70 minutes,

4th 10 kms, broken in two:
1st 5kms, in 40 minutes
2nd 5kms, in 35 minutes

This leaves me with just 22 minutes to cut-off time, but 2kms left to run.

Hmmmmmmmmm…to push or not to push.

Should I run like hell and pace to exhaustion, or just pace non-chalantly to the Finish Line. Hmmmm…This is interesting. I wonder what time will I finish.

22 allowable minutes for 2 remaining kilometers. To maximize? To minimize?

Lots of questions…Lots of things in mind.

I wonder what’s the answer.


15 thoughts on “HOW WOULD YOU DO IT?

  1. Nice Poj : As always FINISH STRONG but not like HELL para makaproject ka pa sa picture mo sa finishline. hehehehe. Goodluck and God Bless..

  2. Coach Mar, Kayang kaya mo yan. I wouldn’t be surprised if you finish ahead of your pace.

    Last 2kms? I bet you’ll run like hell. If allowed lang kami magbike sa Roxas area, we will all pace you to the finishline.

    Good Luck! You can!

  3. Master Mar! Wow, great strategy.. I won’t be surprised if you’ll finish ahead of your projected time. Hmmm, knowing you, most probably you will run like hell !!! Good luck, Sir!

  4. everything depends on how you trained and prepared for the race. just finish the race and don’t quit!!! good luck!

  5. take the 2 minutes off to relieve yourself the last 2k which leaves you with 20 mins left to sprint the last 2k.

    kayang-kaya! ikaw pa!:-)

  6. Coach, you can do it! Just believe in yourself, don’t quit, and the training that you put in would manifest itself on race day. All the best! Our prayers are with you.


  7. Coach Mar! This is what you’ve trained for. Savor the final 2km and enjoy your run…pretty soon you’ll find yourself at the Finish with enough time to spare! Sometimes you gotta run like hell to get to heaven!

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