The Need for Speed

Last Sunday’s feat at the 33rd Manila Milo Marathon Elimination proved my need for a lot of things.

1. I really need to train more for speed. The finish time proved this. I arrived at around 16 minutes past the
2. I need to train more under the heat. The sun toasted me for the nth time and I was left with no choice but to pour some water on my head from time to time…which eats up time.
3. I need to train harder within time constraints. Lesser time on walk-breaks…More focus on the run.
4. I need to improve my eat and run turn-over. Drinking is easy. Munching something is different. Unless of course, it’s just some sports beans or raisins or some energy gels.
5. I need to increase my weekly mileage to a higher level. The why is mine to keep.

The next big day is the QCIM. How I will prepare for this is something I’d like to be quite perfect.

I intend to beat my two previous Full Marathon time.
I intend to really improve my VO2 on my short races.
I intend to set some more new improved time on each races.
I intend to be very much prepared for the Ultra Runs next year.

May GOD our Father, who loves us so much, continue to keep us away from injury and overtraining. Amen.

11 thoughts on “The Need for Speed

  1. Congrats on the finish coach! You can do it! You come up with the most elaborate and sensible training plans in the group, and you have helped so many of us along the way. There is no doubt in my mind that you can do it. More uphill repeats perhaps? Tempo runs? We believe in you!


  2. Hi Pojie. Congratulations on the finish. If you got the long runs in, which I’m sure you did, the speed will remove the 16 minutes plus. In the two weeks of the marathon training here, I’ve started seeing the results already in my tempo runs.

    Like Luis says, I know you can do it! Take care and continue success with the running and with the group!

  3. Amazing Sir Poj! You’ve taken this last marathon as a challenge to yourself! Way to go! 🙂
    I’m one of those people who truly believes in your capabilities, so there’s no doubt in our minds that we will see you zooming around once you perfected your speed trainings.. hehehe

  4. Very inspirational, Coach! You already accomplished much in Milo, we are so proud of you! Now you’ve take the sensible and sober approach to further training. The road may be long but its within sight! I believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind on! More power (and speed) to you!

  5. Coach/Mod Mar,

    We believe in you. Before your next big day, all the above will be considered done. Your best friend will always be there for you. You know…


  6. Hey Pojie.. Finishing a marathon is a great achievement itself.. finishing it in just over 5hrs is something else.. Congrats bro! I’m sure with your dedication, there’ll be nothing but better runs comingn your way… 🙂

  7. Congrats Mar!! You did it! You manage to end the battle even though you’re having too much pain… It’s not the time that matters, it’s how you finished it. =)

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