After many runs, and the just concluded 33rd Milo Marathon Manila Elimination Race, I felt the need to give thanks.

Am forever grateful to the following:

1. To God our Father who never ceases to love us all. To our Lord Jesus for always being there. To the Holy Spirit who manifests in so many ways. To the angels who made me the apple of their eyes.

2. To Neil aka Crashburn, who biked along with me from the Buendia Flyover to the Finish Line, who gave me each bottle of water i need, who gave me soaking wet cold towels, who never gave up on pushing me and encouraging me not to give up…

3. To RJ aka X59 and Patrick aka Winceth = the UltraPat, both volunteer bikers…who’s just always at the right place and the right time asking for whatever we may need while running. The offer is touching enough.

4. To Glen, who gave me the energy gel at past KM 8 to the finish line.

5. To Luis aka The Gingerbreadman, for lending me his very own precious Garmin.

6. To the WHOLE Red-Colored Dressed Takbo.PH Support Group…who is almost complete at the CLP Night:


To the Rowers/Paddlers:


To the RUNHikers/Climbers:


To the whole 42K runners and the pacers:


To the Hoffs who inspired the others:


For the unscathed passion of this Takbo.PH in any endeavor, runs, activities or what-have-yous…

Thank YOU Very Very Much.

From a humble running/activity friend and partner.

14 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. For all the help that you have given us coach – be it encouragement, motivation, training plans – this is the least we can do for you. And rest assured, any time that you may need our help again, we will be there for you 🙂


  2. Even i wasn’t there for you guys but my spirit is with you all. THANK YOU COACH for inspiring us all and for the encouragements you’ve given to us. To meet our goals and dream that someday we will do our full marathon 🙂 Mabuahy ka Coach!!

  3. Thank you for showing us the way. You’ve showed us how to persevere and attain our innermost runner aspirations.
    If I could only achieve half of what you’ve accomplished, I’ll be a happy man. Here’s to more applauses and cheers at the finish line. Cheers.

  4. Hey Mar, all your hard work really paid off. Sorry I couldn’t keep up with your pace, have to work harder. Nice finish this time at the 33rd Milo. I have always known that you’re faster and stronger, and that I’m the one who slowed you down at the Botak 42. Congratulations again, coach. My hats off to you

  5. Coach, thanks to you too! You may not realize it but your advice have been helpful to me. Good luck on your next endeavors.

  6. coach! (kahit di pa talaga kita coach) you deserve all the help and support after all, we know you’ll always be there for us as well 🙂 cheers!

  7. Meeting you along Roxas Blvd while on your way to the finish line gave me an impression of a runner who have passion for it. You were all smiles Pojie. So brave of you to conquer that distance. Truly, your quest for self mastery is endless. Congrats! BTW, thanks for the nice exchanges over SB. Appreciated.

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