Phase 1: Speed Training

Googling up, I chanced upon an interesting article. I like it as it is. I’d like to write something that would translate to what it says here…but what the heck? Why not just link it here?

So I did…re-read, re-read and re-read. Juggling everywords and thoughts in my mind, I find it more interesting to try. Why not? There’s just really nothing to lose. I want to improve my speed. I already have the endurance. In fact, I have already finished already two (2) FULL Marathons. What’s the fuss?

..and so, I’m decided to try it out. In fact, if it’s as easy as it is said to be that it is, better for me!

Experiment #1:
Will go to an oval. Set up my timer, and just do it. How? =

build up to ten 800s in the same time as YOUR marathon goal time

The author says:

If I can get my 800s down to 2 minutes 50 seconds, I’m in 2:50 marathon shape.
If I can get down to 2:40 (minuses), I can run a 2:40 marathon.
I’m shooting for a 2:37 marathon right now, so I’m running my 800s in 2:37.

He (The Author) continues:

Anyone who has been running for a few years, and in particular trying to improve his or her marathon time, knows that training theory can get quite complex. You’ve got pace, you’ve got pulse, you’ve got max VO2, you’ve got lactate threshold, you’ve got cruise intervals, you’ve got tempo training, you’ve got enough gibberish to launch a new line of dictionaries.

And now you’ve got an easier way: you’ve got Yasso 800s. Want to run a 3:30 marathon? Then train to run a bunch of 800s in 3:30 each. Between the 800s, jog for the same number of minutes it took you to run your repeats. Training doesn’t get any simpler than this, not on this planet or anywhere else in the solar system.

As published, the author begins running his Yasso 800s a couple of months before his goal marathon. The first week he does four. On each subsequent week, he adds one more until he reaches 10. The last workout of Yasso 800s should be completed at least 10 days before your marathon, and 14 to 17 days would probably be better.

And finishes his article with:

The rest of the time, just do your normal marathon training, paying special attention to weekend long runs. Give yourself plenty of easy runs and maybe a day or two off during the week.

But don’t skip the Yasso 800s. This is the workout that’s going to get you to the finish on time.

Three or four weeks before the marathon, do a track workout of 10 x 800 meters with a 400-meter jog. You should be spent after the last repeat. The average of your 800 times is a good barometer of how fast you can run in the marathon–but in hours and minutes instead of minutes and seconds.

I wonder why the heck 3 to 4 weeks before the marathon.

Sound interesting eh? I am very much interested. I’d try this out soon…hmmm. I wonder what my new scheds would be.

Tuesdays: Paddle.
Thursdays: Paddle.
Saturdays: Paddle. Yasso RUN at the Oval after.

When is my long runs?
When is my tempo runs?
When is my easy runs?

I guess i’d have to work this sked first.

Care to join me?


4 thoughts on “Phase 1: Speed Training

  1. fight! timmy built for speed! wahehehehe 🙂 short distances lang ah, tipong sprint sprint lang 🙂 wahhehehe di ko pa keri ang long distance sprints 🙂

  2. Great plan, Master Mar! That seems like an easy plan to follow. Easier read than done! Haha, well, for me anyway. Will await the effects on your next FM! I’m still working on my endurance, (sigh).

  3. Hi Coach..Nice inputs… :)…I agree with your 2nd to the last statement…I guess you need to workout on the schedule first before the actual running workout … Hehehehehe… Grabe coach… Atletang atleta ka na….all around sport…At based sa nakita ko SB last night parang capoeira time na din..hehehehehe.. Good luck coach….

  4. That was a nice find Coach!

    The 2:50 for an 800m is really fast ( 3:32 pace, ~17kph )!

    “I wonder why the heck 3 to 4 weeks before the marathon.” -> because our muscles need about that much time to fully recover from our training, especially from intense ones (gym stuff hehe)

    Finally speed stuff, now were talking… let me see Coach if I can join you hehe… good luck! 😀

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