On Breaking Rules

Was browsing some readings when I chanced upon this interesting article.

I have just finished a Full Marathon last Sunday, July 5, 2009. As of this date, July 10, 2009, I have not done any recovery run. Which is just fine if we’d refer to the article i chanced upon.

Friends and co-finishers advice a 2 week’s rest. From running. I biked and paddled already. Am about to embark to running back again…is it really too soon?

Easy run on the 3rd week up to the fourth? Hardly easy to follow for me. I have lots of schedules to attend to.

This coming Sunday, we’d have a long run. Around 18kms. The following Sunday after this Sunday, we’d have an actual race. This is a Half-Marathon. If I would be allowed, I’d also be joining a Trail Run on the last Sunday of this Month.

Does the rule apply now to me?

I’m not that fast. I might have pushed. I might have given it all. But I feel like running now. I know I can do it all again. I can. I will.

To rest more? I dont think so.

I’m breaking the rule now. Heaven forbids. We will see…


5 thoughts on “On Breaking Rules

  1. Haaay, Master Mar, I doubt that “rest” is in your vocabulary. My impression of your “rest”, would be abstaining from that one particular sport, hence you engage in other activities, i.e. paddling.. climbing.. biking … (should I stop now?)

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