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6 thoughts on “Contact ME

  1. sundan ko lang si ReD…

    gusto ko ng boylet =D wala lang hehe *tambling*

    kidding aside (may ganun), gusto kong magtrain for my first half-mara sa october (corny ba?), send me what’s on your mind too =P

  2. Coach Mar,

    I would like to thank you for mentoring me through wednesday AnR-MOA and through your blogs.
    Good news your time spent in mentoring me paid off, last july 29, 2012 at the 36th milo marathon manila elims I was able to to run and finish my first marathon (5:55:51), I still have the strategy you posted at our FB page last year (first 16K @ 2 hours, @ 32K by 2 hours and the last 10.195K @ 1:59:59 and it will be a walk in the park) by following that I was able to cross the finish line injury free and very happy (barely beating the cut-off time, well actually that my goal, dami rin kasi nangyari sakin 1 month before the race sa training ko , sa time, sa health ko etc. kaya ang goal ko na lang is to finish with in the cut off time). i know this may sound a bit “OVER”, I am just happy & want to give credit to people (direct or indirect) who journeyed with me in this endevour.
    Ever since I joined my first 5k fun run at 34th milo marathon manila elims my dream is to finish a marathon and after 2 years preparation and making, finally I have crossed the finish line.
    God bless you Coach. More mileage to come and see you at the road.

    extend my regards and thank you to TL’s cindy, gab, reg & paulo.

    Jay F. Bautista
    Certified Marathoner =)

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