Series 1: The Birth. The Profile

July 22, 2009, a Newton Neutral Racer (pictures to follow) was born for me. Thru the kindness of Jinoe and Que Gavan, the shoe made its way to this forefoot. Nice and cool to look at, it was also very light. I’m amazed.

Browsing thru the WEB about this particular shoe impressed me so.

See the technology behind it here.

I’m including the verbatim specs (as written at right here:

How it Works

When your midfoot/forefoot LANDS on the ground, the technology’s four external actuator lugs are pressed into hollow chambers inside the shoe’s midsole via an elastic membrane. (ACTION). This movement is the shock absorption part of the system. The highly energized membrane supporting the lugs causes them to load up with energy.

As your forefoot levers inside the shoe, the lugs release their stored energy and LEVER you forward.There is a final burst of energetic return (REACTION) from the Action/Reaction Technology™ as you LIFT your knee and begin a new stride.

Most running shoes use various forms of air, gel, foam or plastic to counteract the foot’s impact and response with the ground. But none of these materials capture and return energy with the liveliness of our responsive Action/Reaction Technology™. We’ve spent over 12 years researching, developing and refining our technology. With independent laboratory testing, 9 US Patents (other US and foreign patents pending), world records and PR’s, Newton shoes are showing results superior to any other running shoe technology.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is the inspiration for our Newton Action/Reaction Technology. Replacing the foam and inherent energy loss of traditional running shoes.

This is even more impressive (again, as written in the Newton Running – Universal Posting Technology site):

Newton Running’s Universal Posting Technology is designed to accommodate runners who pronate, supinate and those with a neutral gait.

Does this statement make it a shoe for everybody? NO. The shoe is intended for the forefoot (like me) and midfoot strikers ONLY. To see a better running form, visit this. and find out why.

Also, see how the shoe performed compared to other equally nice running shoes, here.

About the LAND-LEVER-LIFT thing which may sound too scientific or technical for some runners, see here. The link included the close-up shot of a newton shoe landing. The picture in the link is the same shoe I have, color and everything.

And there’s more…see Newton’s 10 LAWS of RUNNING BETTER. There’s also some great tips on How to Improve Your Running.

At the minimum, the shoe is well tested scientifically, and practically. There are lots of videos to watch in the same website such as:

    Discover Better Running Form
    Injury Prevention
    Natural Running Form
    Prevent Running Injuries
    Run Right
    Stop! Look! Listen! Running Tutorial
    Train Smart: The Lydiard Method (This is some method I’m studying and applying now)
    What is Forefoot Running?

So much for the blah blahs and website readings. We know how well the shoe is reviewed and tested and marketed. I will find out for myself how it performs for me. As a natural forefoot, I believe I shouldn’t have that much problem adjusting to it. My outgoing old shoe who has served me for more than a thousand kilometer is a tough shoe to beat. 2 Full Marathons, 4 Halfs, and various short races proved its worth. I hope my new shoes could at least perform at par.

In light of all the boos and blahs and all the word munchings here, am sticking-up a log of the performance this Newton Neutral Racer of mine here. We’ll see how well it can measure up.

07.23.09 05 KMS on forefoot in 34 minutes. The run started at past 7pm. I was surprised at how light the shoe is during the run. We were able to maintain a good average pace of 6:50. But the minor sprints proved nice and fast. The shoe lived up to what it claims to be. For this distance, so far. More beatings to come.

11 thoughts on “NEWTON: THE SERIES

  1. Hey Master Mar, I’m ecstatic you (finally) have your Newtons, maybe they were made for you!! We’ll see if they meet YOUR expectations. Haha! I hope that people read your Newton series before buying one.

  2. Super bait ng ating founders!

    I know you won’t fail them. Your heels didn’t even have any smudge on them after the 5km run last night!


  3. Wow! Libre ba yan coach?! hehehe! Wala pang pic dito but Ive seen the actual shoe sa Runnr, nice and light(pati kulay). Enjoy the shoe and antay nalang kami ng performance feedback nya.

  4. It was nice to see you finally wearing one Coach! I guess you really deserve it and I’m looking forward to your review (while I’m still green with envy, drools). A forefoot shoe for the forefoot runner, a perfect match! Congratulations on your new sole-mates! (pag may discount card ka pahingi naman haha) 😀

  5. parang gusto ko nyang newtons! forefoot din ako eh! =p not!
    mawawasak lang sa kin yan. hehehe!
    congrats sa new “baby”

  6. coach! finally! someone who is worthy to have a pair of newtons! 🙂 we’ve been talking about this for quite some time already, and finally it has happened 🙂 i know the newtons were made for runners like you 🙂 and not for those who’d “WANT” to be “uso” hahaha 😉 may this pair propel you to greater heights and hopefully add to your collection for the “medal run” 🙂

    good luck coach and continue to inspire us all 🙂

  7. Newton – Poj > Poj – Newton….Perfect Match…You’re the first one who came into my mind when I heard about this shoe…congratulations on your new pair coach..BTW nice review. It made me think the shoe isn’t really meant for me…It’s just for a chosen few. 😀

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