Another Loaded Month

080209 40kms Done. Tempo LSD 12am ULTRA LSD. MANILA KM 0 TO TAGAYTAY.
080409 11kms Done Slow Tempo. Rainy Night Run with Gab, Cindy, Lorie, Jet and Nina.
080509 6.9kms Done Easy Tempo. Makati Runner’s Run for Cory. 28 is in attendance.
080709 3.8kms Done. Easy Speed. A short but high speed crazy run. 30+ attended this Guerilla Activation night for KR. But for what? BTW, the Newton performed well.
080809 3.8kms Done. Painful Speed. Bagged nothing but the sustained pain in my calf-muscle from last night.
081109 6pm Long RUN. KM-0, Manila to BHS, The Fort. Done. Great shoe performance.
081509 07PM Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run. 15kms max. a Newton PR. 1:35:21 but still, Pegasus holds the best time!
082109 05PM (Tentative). A 15-Miler LSD. Rod created this route: 08/05/2009 Route Sto Domingo Church to Manila Memorial Park
DID a Short RUN of a measly 10KMs+.
082309 07AM Special Project. We Feed street children and Give them something more. A Success
082409 15.55kms DONE with my Newton Gravity Racer. A Tempo LSD it seems.
082709 6kms ONLY. LSD paced. Wasn’t able to run as planned. The rain…can’t risk my NEWTON.
083009 08AM 2nd MIT-MC Orienteering Competition, Maragondon, Cavite. Late Start. DNF. CP 02 Hard to Find. No team was able to find it after the time of 1pm. Technically, nobody wins.

Regular RuNs still as usually scheduled. BHS/MOA. 7PM.

Paddling Schedules, stay the same. TUES/THURS @ 430am /SAT @ 500am.

Wall Climbings and Swim Nights, as scheduled too by the usual heads behind it.


3 thoughts on “Another Loaded Month

  1. yep coach, very busy month indeed. as for me, i’m a bit afraid listing my activities to avoid pressure. but i’m grateful you share this, so easily i can align my running activities.

    yung clp sa joey pepperoni ata??

    thanks coach and see you!

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