Newton Series Episode 01

07.24.09 First run. 5.0 kms. Easy Tempo.
08.07.09 Second run. 3.8 kms. Easy Speed.

That’s just some distance. What’s common is these two dates is what Im wearing. My NEWTON Racer.

Cool #1: The shoe seem to propel you forward. Due to the lugs, I guess.
Cool #2: I was able to run faster. But wait, this will have to stand verification on my future repeat run at the same distance.
Cool #3: The landing is soft and comfortable. I like it.
Cool #4: Will soon post the picture of the unscathed heel part.

Booh #1: Same effect the day after….very painful calf-muscle.


One thought on “Newton Series Episode 01

  1. correct mar medyo calf muscle and masakit but once you get used to it wow and effect….. have a nice break in sa shoes

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