October is one month to look forward to. And for so many reasons.

#1 The Quezon City International Marathon. (long awaited)
#2 The Subic International Marathon (anticipated)
#3 Nike Human Race (considered)
#4 Adidas King of the Road

With a couple of friends and pushers behind me, we shall hit the history with a back to back full marathon on October. Yeah….BACK-to-BACK.

To make it more exciting, if the group is also decided, we could insert the 10K Nike Human Race on the same day of the SIM.

Hmmm…I heard somebody asked if anybody wants to go back to Manila the night after SIM for KOTR. Hmmm…

Exciting as it is, it will take a lot of hard running and LSDs to get this feat done.

Off to writing…back to training.



  1. Parang buffet ang schedule ngayong October. Nakakatakam. Yung Oct24 weekend ang matindi. 10K (Nike) sa umaga, 42K (SIM) sa gabi at 21K kinabukasan sa KOTR. Hindi lang pang simpleng adik ito. Pang-sugapa na 🙂

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