Humid but Nice Night of Running

Last night was a very humid night … Very Crowded…but just too silent.

The first Night RUN Race proved to be a good run for most of us in the group.

Yes, there’s no doubt it was hell of a run.

Humid – you’ré forced to drink from time to time and slow down too.
Crowded – you’re forced to find your way zigzagging in speed overtaking the walkers.
Fun – you’re tried now in running blind. (you should know what I mean, specially going down Bayani Road.)

I was really trying to beat an old record of 92 minutes for the 15 kms. I ended up at 95. Not bad…not bad…

The feeling after overtaking a lot of people to the finish line was just so nice. I was near elation for having performed better despite the humidity and the crowd. I noticed though, that after maintaining an average of 6:00 minutes/km up to the 8th KM Marker, the Newton Gravity Shoe Racer was in so much heat. I could feel it at the ball of my forefoot. I wanted to slow down, but the will to finish at a better time took me over. I endured the heat. I even shift to heel striking going down some hills at a furious speed. Hence, the scratch on the shoe. But overall, the shoe performed well and nice for its intended use – propeling me forward at a good speed.

While the gang re-grouped after the run, the usual picture taking took place – like an endless something. But it does ended…when we decided to change wear. And something good happened.

We were on our way to the car of Doc Topher, when we chanced upon Sir Jovie aka Bald Runner.

I was expecting the meet-up before the race, not after. Anyways, good thing still happened.



… Such an Honor for me. Who wouldn’t be? I worked hard on my endurance, hence the big mileage. I have lots more to run – which I suppose is something that will just never end.

…and may I mention, Team Bald Runner did took out the Champions Crown for the Men’s 15K and Women 10K Division last night. Wow.

Am not as fast as everybody else now. I am not slow too. But I am working on Speed now. Soon…

Gotta thank some people now.

#1 Doctor Lyndon Cosico. You’ve done so much. (Special mention to Ms. Karen)
#2 Sir Jovie Narcise aka Bald Runner – for the 1,000-Km Club Shirt (Am really honored, Sir)
#3 The guys and gals of Takbo.PH for the fun of just being there.



#4 Carlo – for the nice tasting Lechon Cebu


#5 Neil – for the Nutella, and bread (which disappeared in a zap) and Macaroni Salad.


Above all, next to God, who Blessed the night rainless, me strength, my wife Cora for being specially understanding and nice. (OK ba ito, Mommy? Mwah!)

More races to conquer, More LSDs to finish, More friends to gain.

14 thoughts on “Humid but Nice Night of Running

  1. thanks for the mention,
    and congrats for making the 1000K club of BR.
    aiming to be part of that one soon.
    keep on running! =D

  2. Master Mar! Congratulations! It was indeed a humid night at the Urbanite! (uyy rhyme, all the time!) Buti na special mention si wifey.. (para makakuha palagi ng visa!!! haha)

  3. Proud of you, coach!
    Nice blog too, to have captured so well the nuances of the event — the run, the runners, the heat (!), and all the fun there was. =)

    It was great to see you again, coach…really happy to see you with the shirt!

  4. hey,mar,i’m proud of u..pr0uder 2 b ur friend…c yah in m0re running and n0n-running events..makes me think of greenfields..i thnk that’s when the friendship gel b0nded.

  5. coach! congrats on the 1000K milestone! astigins! 😉 perseverance and hard work surely pays off. thanks for providing guidance to the gang, specially to those aspiring to be like you!

    til next race/run/ eat and run!

  6. Coach Mar, 1000Km Club Member! Yahoo! Congrats! 1 Up. Mario brothers talaga. Nice time despite the conditions – humidity and the zigzagging.

    It was fun nga with the group getting bigger. More talaga.

  7. Thanks Mar. Congratulations on your 1000km club membership. Gusto ko din nyan. Til our next event…..ROTARUN 09…SEE YOU COACH

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