I want I NEED

I want to start running…
I need a gait analysis – to see what my foot strike is and what shoe would fit me.
I need a shoe – a dependable and durable shoe.
I need to look like a runner.

I want to build my endurance…
I need to run long…long hours…long distances.
I need to sleep early…no gimmicks.

I want to run and finish alive…
I need to be cautious.
I need to run at my manageable and sustainable pace.
I need to listen to my body.
I need to hydrate and fuel – before, during and after my run.
I need a running buddy – one who will never leave me.

I want to run fast…
I need to train for speed.
I need to conquer more hills.
I need to sustain my yasso.
I need to practice fartleks.
I need to run under a resistance.

I want to endure an ULTRA distance…
I need to train for longer hours.
I need a good base of solid endurance.
I need to practice under the heat.
I need to practice under the cold.

I want to finish the QCIM, SIM and PIM 42.195KMS.
I need to register first.
I need a sponsor!
I need to train more.
I need to build-up more endurance.
I need to recover fast.


7 thoughts on “I want I NEED

  1. ako din coach, I want and i NEED.
    to start running again
    to train again
    to rebuild my strength and endurance.

    i need to RUN.because i WANT to 🙂

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