Feed and Give: An Exception

Im making an exception this time.

Weve done something different.

Weve engaged an activity that is unusual for the likes of us.

We have done a nonrunning activity.

...And its not even a sport!

Background music playing in my mind:

Kung kaya mong isipin

Kaya mong gawin

Isaisang hakbang lamang at ikay makakarating

Tulad ng puno na galing sa binhi

Ang mga dakilang gawaý nagmumula sa guniguni

Yes. We did engage into a charitable activity.

We gathered children (exactly 34 of them) from different places in cooperation with Hands-On Manila and Child Hope Asia and asked them to go to Jollibee Evangelista. We treated them to some meals and take them to a game of never-ending fun.

Thanks to the kindness of Miss May Simaurio, the Manager of the Jollibee Branch who allowed us to use the facility for our activity.


ang nais moý maging payapa

Sa mundong puno ng kaguluhan

Buhayin sa sarili ang payapang paraan

At sa arawaraw na pakikitungo

Sa tahanan at lipunan

Buhayin sa sarili ang payapang paraan

With the ‘Kuya’ of the Children, the Branch Manager of Jollibee Evangelista, the group’s volunteers and the kids.

kaya mong isipin

Kaya mong gawin

Isaisang hakbang lamang at ikay makakarating

Tulad ng puno na galing sa binhi

Ang mga dakilang gawaý nagmumula sa guniguni



Kung ang nais moý maging malaya

Sa mundong puno ng panunupil

Buhayin sa sarili ang malayang paraan

At sa arawaraw na pakikitungo

Sa tahanan at lipunan

Buhayin sa sarili ang malayang paraan

The Think-Tanks

The Amazed

The Side Dish

The Muggles

The Smile

The Freeze

The Chill

The Tres Amigos

The Silent Operators

The SHY Team

The Pure Smile

The Wink!

The Greatest Joke on Planet Earth

The Beauty

The Grin

The Real Deal

The Eyes and the Statue

The Volunteers

The Guys

The Satisfied

The Sundae

Going home to my family…after all the fun and charity, the same music played in my mind…

Kung kaya mong isipin…kaya mong gawin…
Isa-isang hakbang lamang at ikaý makakarating…
Tulad ng Puno na galing sa binhi…ang mga dakilang gawaý nagmumula…sa guni-guni.


11 responses

  1. That was the exact same song the RunningDiva sang during the Urbanite while running! How cool is that?

    Coach, thank you for organizing and giving us all an opportunity to give back

    Lord, thank you for giving us specific gifts so we can share them – time, talent, money, effort, love.

    1. Really? Well, we share the same passion for Joey Ayala’s Music…it’s nice to hear such music.

  2. nice one coach.. makulay talaga yung mga letra eh… kasing kulay nung ng araw ng mga bata nung linggo… me request ako ha.. paki kanta naman nang live yung background music para marinig ko lang yung tono hehehe..

  3. sana maulit ito muli! 🙂 maka-joey ayala rin ako…at cynthia alexander, at noel cabangon (obvious ba? noel cabangon music namin sa production number :P) kudos to all!! 😀

    eire 🙂

  4. I know you will have a great time with the kids. Sayang, I missed this one. Thank you for setting this up and for the kind hearts who joined.

  5. Galing Coach! It was such a wonderful day for all of us. I remember while we tell the kids to take care, one of them replied back and mentioned “ingat din kayo” nakakatouch. Before leaving all my group mates are calling me waiting for me to wave back at them.

  6. more than giving something to the kids, we in return received something more. suddenly, i felt part of a larger scheme in the universe, being one with our other brothers and sisters 🙂
    sa uulitin coach!

  7. thanks Mar for starting this one 🙂 it was a wonderfully unmatched experience. maybe next time we will need a bigger venue 😉

  8. Your blog says it all. moving. This outreach activity, which rarely happens in my planner during the middle of the year – was like Christmas in August! queer.

    The thing is, we have done something to those children, it may not be as big as usual parties or running events – we know for sure – we had moments with them. I was struck with the “po and opo” they consistently uttered during my conversations with some of the kids, impressive. another thing is their eyes – full of stories…full of drama, but at that point where we all blend in during games – we lived our present moments and became ONE with them. this is WHY we do it, this is the way we know HOW. one step at a time, no matter how big or small – we all made a difference.

    btw,thanks for the token. i like.

    “be the change that you want to see” – Gandhi

  9. I wasn’t able to visit this site before, gracious’..
    Anyway, twas fun and a great feeling to be part of this event …sa uulitin poj I am more than willing to take part again..

    ** The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do **

  10. […] me start by thanking Coach Pojie for inviting me to participate in the “Feed and Give Project 2,” and giving me the chance to do good last 8th May/ Saturday. All pictures are courtesy of […]

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