It was really harder than expected.

It’s also in the news.

It marks the first time in three years that San Pablo will not be represented in the finals in the country’s longest running footrace introduced to the running scene in 1974.

The route is not as flat as expected…it was a paved hill…a never-ending bend of road it seems.

I clocked my first 5K @ 30 minutes, and 19 seconds….the middle 11K @ 72 minutes, 29 seconds, and the last 5K to finish line @ 33 minutes, for a Finish time of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Still, a good NEW Personal Best Time for my 21K.

It was hard running. I was able to sustain my pace with recovery jogs and walk. The rain really helped a lot. Had it been a hot sunny morning, I wouldn’t be able to tell my time.


Like the other blogger-runners who joined, I noticed the content of the MILO Loot Bag. Just a pack of MILO and Sachets of Nestea. That is all. I wonder if that is really all. I saw some other guys with Gatorade. Just a thought.

The rain halted along with the race. It was a wet and cloudy morning.

We were not able to explore the beauty of the Seven Lakes…I guess i’d just have to go back for it.



  1. Congrats Coach for a new PR! I agree the course was difficult but since you made a new PR out of it I think your training is working. We were only able to visit (and swim) in one of the seven lakes (Pandin Lake) so anytime you want to return to San Pablo count me in! 🙂

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