Approximately 5 weeks before the Quezon City International Marathon, and 6 weeks before the Subic International Marathon, I wonder. Aside from counting down the days to the challenging FULL Marathons, what are you doing?

You’re not done yet with your Base Building? No mileage up to now?
You’re not yet satisfied with your Tempo Runs?
You’re not sure you could finish the race?

Worry not. That’s the first thing you must do. Preparation for a Marathon is not just physical. There are other things you must be ready with.

Resolve to train hard for it. Long run is an essential. The more, The better. Time-Basis running allows you to feel your way…and there’s just no rush. Run according to your own fitness level – not at someone else’s. You have to get-used to running under the heat of the sun. Train within your capabilities.

Stick as much as possible to the training plan. Do not be sucked into a group of runners who are not training the way you do. Either you adapt to their run, or you will adapt to them. Know your pace.


    Eat. Have a light breakfast preferably of cereals, honey and toast with tea or coffee.
    MOMO Brewed Coffee

    MOMO Brewed Coffee

    Wear nothing new on race day. You dont want to experience chaffing for sure.

    Stretch and loosen a little.

    Start your race at a steady pace. Do not be trapped into going too fast at the beginning. It’s a long run. There’s no need to rush unless you are the No. 1 contender. Save Energy.

    Do not exaggerate your knee-lift.



    Ignore the other runners. Run at an effort that suits you. Smile at your friends, of course.

    Hot day? Drink electrolytes. Keep your body wet. Use sponge – your insurance against dehydration and high body temperatures.

    Do not surge…such an energy waste.

Remember. I must reiterate. RUN AT YOUR OWN FITNESS LEVEL. Do not take someone else’s pace.

See you at the Finish Line! fl


8 responses

  1. nice tips. thanks coach pojie!

  2. very useful for 1st timer like me in the full marathon

  3. Coach may kulang… mag REGISTER muna hehehe ūüôā

    Good luck Coach on your training!

  4. Nice tips Mar. “Run at your own fitness level”… very true.

    Good luck in your training. You can definitely do this!

  5. “Do not surge‚Ķsuch an energy waste.” – it depends, really.

    good luck on your 42ks!

  6. Goodluck coach! we’re all for you!

  7. thanks coach pogs….pasabay hehe

  8. thanks coach hope to run with you soon!

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