Running, Life and The Mafia

Likened to Mafia Wars, a game millions of people play online, Running and Life have some commonalities.

You have to do some to earn some. Save cash. Spend Cash. Invest Cash. You gain experience as you do.
In running, your job is to train. Run as much as you can to improve.

Fight: item_bodyguards
You engage into some. Either you win or you lose, you gain experience. At some degree, you learn. In running, the races are the fights. You learn as you do.

Properties: item_harley_fat_boy item_LeftyGunsLeatherCoat_01 item_glasses_02
You invest into some. And then you get robbed. But not always! …

Inventory: standard_75x75_collect_rings_diamond_01
You increase you armory. You make it grow for more strength. In running, your glycogen is your major inventory. When you got none, you end up with nothing.

When you’ve got nowhere to go to…and you need help, you kneel and ask for God’s help. In running, admit it or not, you utter a prayer before you run, while you run and after you run.

Boss Fights:  boss_detective
Lots of Bosses in life. These are the one’s who’d put you down, or raise you up. At some point in your life, you came accross a big fight. Win or Lose, you gained some respect. You gained experience big time. In running, you set PR. That day you beat your own time is the day you beat the Boss!

Health, Energy, and Stamina: item_lucky_shamrock item_goldskull_75x75
You can’t go on with doing anything if you have none of any of these three. In running, the same goes to be true. Injuries, Lack of Rest, too tired muscle, and over-training – gives you nothing good.

Experience:  run04 item_streetgangmember_75x75_01
You gain when you do things. You learn when you lose. You abuse when you win. In running, the totality of your training, and big races compounds to the experience you carry now.

Level Up:
In life, as you mature, you raise your level. You are more a macro personality. In running, as you mature, the combined wisdom of the experiences you learned and gained seem to take you to the level of appreciation you master.

Games are sources of learnings. You just have to keep an open mind and be sensitive. Life is not a game. You need to keep your mind open and sensitive. Running is a game in life. It is a life of many games. You learn when you keep your mind open.


11 thoughts on “Running, Life and The Mafia

  1. Sabi ko na nga ba eto pinagkakaabalahan mo…pag gising ko sa umaga, open facebook..puro updated status mo is Mafia hahahah..

    Makapaglaro nga din mamaya…..

  2. I’d add your Mafia to the list 🙂

    They’re your support group, running buddies… As your grow your Mafia (more running friends) the stronger you become and are able to win more “fights” and do more “jobs” 🙂

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