Then and Now: Reminiscing

It was my first official race.
OCT 18, 2008
OCT 18, 2008
All alone.
Prepared and excited.
Arrived at the Starting Line early.
Brought nothing but guts.
Was running in pain just after 2 kms until the 4th.
Finished strong.
OCT 18, 2009
OCT 18, 2009
This is my 3rd Full Marathon.
Will run with lots of friends.
Preparing well.
Will bring hydration belt and chewables.
Loading more guts.
Will run in an easy pace to avoid pain.
Will finish just fine.
I ran 8kms then. Now, about to take on a 42Kms.
I was so new then, I dont look as old now.
I have no strategy then, I am wiser now.
I dont know my pace then, I am a PACER now.
I once was a newbie…I still am.
I’d like to Insist!

One thought on “Then and Now: Reminiscing

  1. ey.. coach lapit na pala 1st “runniversary” mo!! akalain mo bilis ng isang taon na patkbo takbo lang!! dati ang 10k ang hirap taposin, ngayon ang 10k bitin na bitin!! kaya pang 42k na level mo.. dati nag isa ka lang, ngayon isang barangay na kasama mo! grabe saludo talaga ako sa ‘yo!! good luck & God Bless..

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