Scorching Recovery Run

5 days hence, I was able to do a recovery run (if it is indeed), after the hardcore night run in Subic.

A few minutes after work, I was already in my starting line at the Baywalk. Km 1 to Km 2 and back. Here’s some of the details:

1st km paced at 7:39.3
2nd km paced at 7:09.5
3rd km paced at 7:00.3
4th km paced at 7:11.8
5th km paced at 7:10.5
6th km paced at 6:56.1
Total Distance covered is 6kms in 43 minutes 07.4 seconds.

I was wearing a singlet inside and a bit thick sweat shirt on top. Imagine. Scorching heat. Quite a consistent pace. Sweat all around!

While the heat of the sun bites my face, I dont mind it at all. I just enjoyed the cool breeze of the calm bay water and the silence of a real scorching mid afternoon.

Guess what? I’d do this again! and Longer!

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