The 2009 Men’sHealth URBANATHLON & Festival – One of a Kind

It’s not for the faint of hearts…
It’s not for the weaklings…
It’s not for those who are not up for the challenges!


After gun start, RUN, do some hurdles, crawls, run more, climb 4 toyota hi-lux, zigzag thru parked vehicles, climb a wall…then finish. It was also a cool November.

last year's festival
Thanks to Dennis!

I can still recall how good i fared the last time. It was an easy run and quite a challenge at the wall. Am excited over this new one. It’s also very near.


Some of the old obstacles will still be there. What’s new is the vertical run (yes, VERTICAL) and the weaver obstacle. See my shot at it:

going up...

still going up...

going down...

done...getting up now.

As the name implies, the Weaver Obstacle is like weaving – literally use your body to weave through the bars, over and under alternately. tricky eh? Wait till you get to try it. Done it in 19 seconds, but im all alone and nobody else to elbow or squeeze.

Here’s a peek at the NEW wall challenge before you get the chance to cross the finish line.

that's me and Wilnar
Thanks to Marvin for the Shot.

Want to run a race unlike any other? Join us!

November 22, 2009
5:00 a.m.
McKinley Hill, Taguig City
(behind the McKinley Information Center)

Registration period is up to November 18, 2009 ONLY.

Registration fee includes:

    Race Kit
    Finisher’s Shirt
    Men’s Health November issue
    and breakfast at the festival!

Common…challenge yourself. I have.

10 kilometers!
my bib

17 thoughts on “The 2009 Men’sHealth URBANATHLON & Festival – One of a Kind

  1. hi coach poj, what’s the diff between the 5k and 10k? is it true that there will be a 16 story climb? (gulp) i want to join pero parang nakakapraning coz you said it’s not for weaklings…hahaha

    1. Gail, i got this from an FB site: The Men’s Health Urbanathlon is a 10+ km race where runners will be faced with various challenges and obstacles that are part of city life. Expect to jump over MMDA barriers, traverse parked cars, and climb/descend a 15-storey building. We’ll be announcing more details as the event date draws near. The city’s your playground, so put your game face on!

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