The 51st Week

This week of the year is something. For some cool reasons…

#1 I was able to complete and achieve the target of 1,500 kms for the year. Hence, I have no choice but to raise it up again for next year.

#2 I was able to run again after last December 6’s KM-0 to Tagaytay LSD.

That’s 6kms in 49 minutes and 12 seconds, an average pace of 8 minutes 12 seconds per kilometer.

For someone who loves to run everyday, a day or two is an eternity. A whole week is a real forever. I have tried to run last Sunday (12.13.09) at Makati with some of the regular peeps from Takbo.Ph. After 46 minutes of easy strides, I have to quit and give-up. The pain was something not tolerable. Not funny. My mind started to wander at the very on-set of the pain. How am I to run the 32kms Rizal Day Run if I have this pain?

Hopefully, If the easy run will continue to be pain-free, Im off to a good run again, soon!

Some details:

12.14.09 run at 8:40am.
1st km @ 7:49.6
2nd km @ 8:11.7
3rd km @ 8:10.5
4th km @ 8:10.9
5th km @ 8:18.6
6th km @ 8:31.2 for a total run time of 49:12.4

12.15.09 run at 6:49am.
1st km @ 8:14.3
2nd km @ 8:54.5
3rd km @ 8:49.5
4th km @ 8:44.1
5th km @ 8:48.6
6th km @ 8:53.7 for a total run time of 52:24.6

12.18.09 run at 7:56am.
@ Baywalk
1st 2 kms @ 15:33.4
2nd 2 kms @ 16:25.6
5th km @ 8:13.0
Total of 5kms @ an average pace of 8:02 /km
@ The Oval
1st 5 rounds @ 16:16.5
2nd 5 rounds @ 16:36.9
cooldown of 1 round walk for a total of 9 kms in 1:13:05.3


4 thoughts on “The 51st Week

  1. Coach could it be the shoes? I heard those actuator lugs easily fade, can you check? I was actually surprise when you used newtons on our ultra 2 sundays ago. I usually go for a more cushion/softer shoes when doing lsd…hope your OK now.

    1. it’s the speed, I think, Sam. I’ve used the shoes on a full marathon at PIM, and I’ve had a good run. But it’s also possible that the lugs are really pummeled to it’s maximum tear. So far, I have had a good recovery work.out for 2 days now.

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