Hot January 3

As previously planned with the other aspiring Ultra-Marathoner in the group, we meet-up at McDonald’s Orosa cor U.N.Avenue at 12 noon. By 1pm, we are at the starting point of our Heat-Training Run.

(Thanks to Chris for capturing the moments!)

@KM 0 1pm

Yes, it's hot...I have no idea why Rico feels otherwise!

@ CCP turn

rod and me

Thanks to Rod for staying with me…Am having some hard time keeping up with the pace of the elites in front…

am one of the farthest figure

Above picture captures the part where we encountered the highest temperature of the run.

Hot day – cold drinks! We consumed a lot of ice-cold drinks in this run. The stores along our way is rejoicing!

Congratulations to all the finishers of this run. That’s 1pm to sundown. A good 5 hours 2 minutes topped by a good meal inside AAV at Doc Diane Liu Sarmiento’s house. Thanks for the sumptuous meal! It was all superbly delicious! (Thanks to RJ too for the ride home…)

Some infomercial we encountered along . . .

I wonder if there ever was a version for runners…hmmm….

10 thoughts on “Hot January 3

  1. Congratulations Poj !! COngratulations to everyone who joined this run’.. and im glad everyone are safe and happy to have overcome the heat .. SALUDO ko sa inyo *wink*

  2. Congrats coach!! ano kayang nasa isip ng mga tao na nadaanan nyu hehehe.. adik naman ni Wilnar.. nag 3in1 (Cardiac, KM0 & AAV) :P…

    ok yan ah.. ibat ibang uri ng MANGINGINOM! hmmm san kaya ako dyan? kung fu na lang ahahaha!!

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