The Journey of Running

Some things can really puzzle us. Some would even leave us perplexed. But not running…

There’s a proper way of approach to running. NO shortcuts, folks! Everybody starts at the BOTTOM.


Your shoes should be proper enough.

    Properly fit.
    Tough enough to see you through the terrains and trail.

Try what’s tested and the one’s you’ve trusted before. There’s no such thing as a magic shoe!


Wear what’s proper for the activity. Use the one’s you’re comfortable with. Yes, Nothing is an OPTION!


For me, RUNNING is a meditation. You have to be always in a positive note. You have to have some good vibes. You should be able to visualize the future – the things to come – that you like!

The X-Factors: Training

Teach your legs to carry it’s load…YOU! Foot to Knee and UP should be able to see you through the whole race. One gives, race gone!

Train under the heat. You’ll benefit from it!

Run your hills. For better PR!

Cross-Train. Yeah…Hurdle RUNNERS really amaze me.

Other Important Things

Not every race is your race…Oh yeah!

Indulge in your curiosity. Why do they run faster? What do they do? Find OUT! Ask questions!

Don’t waste your life comparing to others. Trust me, it’s not worth it!

Experiment. Be wise. Find what works for you. No TWO runners are created equal. One will always be faster or slower than the other. Leave the fun part to God!

Hydrate. And hydrate well!

For the nth time, FOLLOW the instruction! Rules are set…just follow!

Don’t you imagine this as you near the finish line!

When all else fails, press that button.


14 thoughts on “The Journey of Running

  1. Coach very well said 🙂 Every runner is unique and as for me recovery first before taking another step on my training 🙂 Thanks coach! “FOLLOW THE RULES” = I failed on this during my 1st few months but now LESSON LEARNED 🙂

  2. Naaliw ako sa pictures hehe, nice one Coach! (Ang ganda nung unang pic, interesting architecture)

    @Bong_z: heto naghibernate ng konti pero ayan bumalik na ulit sa pagtakbo puro ultra naman ang nasa utak hahaha 🙂

  3. Love what you have going on here. I can say that I laughed more than once at all of those pics. My favorite was the beer. lol. Ill be back to check out more. You can catch me at essenceofrunning.blogspot Have a good one.

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