Finest Extracts

Just recently, I bought a copy of the Men's Health February 2010 issue. For some good reason.

    #01 I read this mag talaga. Am a big fan of work-outs and nutrition articles, and some other things.
    #02 pictures in PAGE 23 included a lot of this runner's face.
    #03 The Men's Health URBANATHLON 2009 in PAGE 21 included this runner's face too.

Now let's see some good picks on this mag's pages (I have supplied the necessary highlighting):

PAGE 10 @Ask the Experts
Question (by Philip, via Email): Is it true that heavy exercise can make the skin look old?
Answer (by Dermatology Advisor Pamela Kwok-Go, MD): In the process of slimming down, some people lose more fat in their faces rather than other parts of the body. This can give the cheeks a sagging or hollowed-out appearance, which may cause a person to look old. Another factor is where you exercise. During outdoor activities, applying adequate sunscreen can definitely help prevent premature ageing of the skin. Remember that although exercise itself is essential to maintaining a healthy body, it should be done properly and in moderation in order to be truly beneficial.

PAGE 12 @ Ask Men's Health
Question (by Phil, via Email): I drink more than eight glasses of water everyday, more than the "recommended" amount. I wonder if there's such a thing as drinking too much water?
Answer: While it may seem like a strange idea to "overdose" on water, there's actually a condition called water intoxication. Infants suffering from diarrhea and endurance athletes like marathon runners become at risk when their systems are flooded with fluid while electrolytes are not replenished. During such conditions, oversconsumption of "distilled" water or water lacking minerals can be dangerous. According to nutritionist Luz Callanta, RND, a potentially fatal condition called hyponatremia may occur when sodium in our bodies become too diluted. Sudden seizures, coma and even death are the extreme effects of this condition. "If you want to drink more water, make sure it's mineralized or purified," advices Callanta. Given our tropical climate, feel free to drink as much as 12 glasses a day or even more if you are male, as long as you drink this amount over an extended period of time.

Build Boulder Biceps. Forge Impressive-looking arms by speeding up your training routine. Slow and steady doesn't win the arms race. Instead, lift fast to build stronger biceps, say Norwegian researchers, who observed that men who contracted their arm muscles as hard and fast as possible during biceps curls saw the greatest increases in strength. Faster lifting requires more forceful contraction, the scientists say, which engages more muscle fibers. But be sure to use a challenging weight: Try one that lets you complete your intended reps but leaves you feeling as if you could've done only one or two more.

Scientists from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pored over each beverage type, ranking them for their nutrition, and calorie content, and health risks. Use this chart to gain optimum nutrition from your drinks, every day.
13 Glasses of bottled or tap water, to gain optimum hydration
08 Cups of unsweetened tea for free-radical fighting anti-oxidants
02 Glasses of milk for calcium without over-doing the fat
02 Glasses of orange juice - the vitamin C helps repair cells
01 Can of cola - plenty of instant energy but overdo it at your peril

PAGE 21 = Copy is with the MH photographer. Here's the shot before that shot. Same people.

Go outside: Sunshine can increase athletic performance by as much as 10 percent, according to the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Ultraviolet rays boost your vitamin D level, and a study review has determined the D improves reaction time, speed, and muscle strength. Sun-activated vitamin D works as a steroid hormone that regulates genes associated with athletic performance, says study author John Cannell, MD. Three out of four people have too-low levels of the vitamin.

PAGE 24 @WEIGHT LOSS on our radar
OUTRUN HUNGER. Exercise can quell hunger. A British study found that a morning or late-afternoon worout could make a meal more filling. After 58 people exercised every day for 12 weeks, they rated identical breakfasts as 24 percent more filling than they had at the start of the trial. Regular exercise may raise levels of hormones that affect hunger and fullness, says study author Neil King, PhD. Aim to burn 500 calories (an hour of lifting or 40 minutes of running) five days a week.

"D" FOR DIET. About half of all men need more vitamin D. Problem is, vitamin D deficiency can make it harder for you to lose weight, a University of Minnesota study reveals. Researchers looked for a precursor form of vitamin D in the blood of obese people on a diet. For every extra 2 micrograms per liter, the obese people lost about an extra pound of excess weight. A blood test can find your D level.

Now for the following pages, BUY AND GET your COPY na! Good reads! Very insightful and relevant to us.

A Perfect Day of Eating - The Ultimate To-Chew List For BODY, MIND and BELLY.

PAGE 76 TO 77 @INSIGHT Health
Biggest Little Stressors

PAGE 78 TO 80 @INSIGHT Fitness
Higher, Faster, Stronger. Bust through your fitness plateaus with basic plyometrics

PAGE 86 TO 87 @INSIGHT Man to Man
Chasing Angelina

Runners can run for hours, but dont tell us to stand and wait for even a few minutes.


4 thoughts on “Finest Extracts

  1. pojie, nice excerpts 🙂

    lalo na yung line na “runners can run for hours, but don’t tell us to stand and wait even for a few minutes”

    i agree here, na the runners can run long distances even ultramarathons, pero pag antayan ng race kits, registrations stuff, even for some claiming of medals & certificates, hindi kaya. wahahaha

    ang weird lang though, kasi recently the newbies are the one who are mareklamo, running fun run “marathons” for less than an hour pero sa claiming ng stuff, napaka “big deal” to wait.

    nice read 🙂 now i have to re-read my MH Feb.2010 🙂 hahhaa

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