A Memorable PR

Clock ticks a countdown.

…and we’re on…

The crowd flooded the road that it’s not visible to be seen.

Turn…Straight. Turn…even in total darkness, we just follow the silhouette of runners. I started walking and now I’m slowly speeding up. Or I thought so…

My first walk break was at a water station. After 36 minutes and 19 seconds of running, I walked. A few seconds, back to running again.

At exactly the 1st hour, i was at the KM 10 marker. And a side-stitch has already bitten me. As usual, knowing what to do saves you some time. Rather than a total stop, slow down, press the part where the pain is, INHALE, then EXHALE with all your might. After 5 tries, goodbye side-stitch…i have accelerated to an average of 5 minutes 30 seconds for the next 2 kms.

At an hour and 29 minutes, I was already at KM 15. Good. Still not below the average pace of 6 minutes per kilometer.

Near the KM 19 marker, I was able to catch up with Rod. I passed by Ace who suddenly appeared beside me after a few seconds. Pat was really running fast.

He disappeared at the turn. Am now running along with ROD and ACE as we cover the remaining stretch to the finish line. The crowd is murmuring behind us…”Ang bibilis ah”…

At the back of our mind, we aimed for a sub-2 hour finish. But then laughing at ourselves after crossing the finish line, we are reminded that we have trained for so long running at a slow pace for too many hours…we just suddenly speed up!

Good run, indeed. A new PR for a distance called “HALF-MARY”.

Class picture after:

Breakfast after:

Para maiba naman…we ate at McDo…Net One.

For Gab. Tres Amigos!


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