2 weeks hence – My First 10K.

2 weeks after BDM 102 International Ultramarathon, I was able to run my first 10K – a recovery run.

About at least a few days before the race event, BDM classmates talked about running at Globe Run for Home 2010. While only a few were able to register, a handful is willing to run along unregistered. Luck did smile a lot on us. We were able to get a free registration – with a free high-end singlet!

Thanks to Timmy. The Kenkoy Runner – The catalyst of the free race kit and singlet!

I was able to get to the Runner’s World Booth earlier than Gunstart to get my kit from Dennis aka Runningpinoy. After a few talks about how we are going to run as a group, we then proceeded to the Starting Line.

Off we go…in our agreed block-of-9 formation. That would mean, Que, Dennis, Abby in the lead row, me Tracy and Mike in the next, and Ross, Chris and Carly at the rear. It was an easy fun run for us. We were running like we hold time in our hands!

Mike – Chris – Dennis – ME

We even took some time for the above pictures – wiwi break for some.

Unfortunately, after some few vain searches, nobody was able to take some picture of the group crossing the finish line in one horizontal line.

Anyways, at the finish line where majority of the Takbo.Ph guys and gals stayed, is where most of the group picture taking took place. (Ano daw?) LOL

Thanks to the roving cameras of Carlo, Argo, Brando, Que and Others (this covers all!)

Recovery Running …

It was a good recovery run for me. We crossed the finish line in an hour and about 27 to 28 minutes.

As of this writing, result for the Globe Run for Home 2010 is not yet posted. I could only wonder why.

3 thoughts on “2 weeks hence – My First 10K.

  1. Ampopogi naman ng mga RW running endorsers! ūüėÄ

    Buti pa nga ang FB alam ang start at finish times natin, ang Finishline nagkokompute pa rin hanggang ngayon! hehehe

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