San Mig Coffee BAY Run

One of the many races I am looking forward to is this one: San Mig Coffee’s BAY RUN – Dash for Health 2010. Click on the link for the complete list here.

For many reasons:
#01 It’s near my office. I got work hours after the race, you know.
#02 It’s a 1st for San Mig. I just thought it’s worth trying.
#03 I’m a certified coffee addict. I’d drink bottom’s-up in all the booths! I wonder what those new flavors tastes like…

#04 MOA, CCP and Baywalk is my regular running route. You should be able to guess what that means.
#05 The singlet is made by Unibersidad
#06 There’s a convenient home delivery of race kits – COD pa!

Singles sizes are standard XS to XXL.

Race categories include: 3K, 5K, 10K & 15K. Fee is P 450.00 for the first 2, and P 550.00 for the last 2 categories.

Registration starts April 17, 2010 to May 19, 2010. Over-the-phone registration & race kit delivery c/o WWWExpress. The number to dial is 795-1777. (press 2) or 852-7210.

Race Kit includes a singlet, bib, loot bag stub, food stub and a photo stub.

This will be held in MOA grounds, on May 23, 2010. Register now!


One thought on “San Mig Coffee BAY Run

  1. Hi Coach ,

    My wife and I will be joining this one..This will be our first race together . We’re joining the 10km race… See you on Sunday..

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